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Real Kefir vs Covid Study

Kefir Vs Covid

Real Kefir vs Covid Study
Learn about the immune protecting properties of real kefir (made from grains) in scientifically proven research
We provide a link to the full study – but here are a few snippets here to get you as excited as we are about the scientifically tested effects of real kefir on various bodily functions to help potentially protect against the effects of covid 19.

What does the real kefir vs covid study tell us?:
“With respect to human health, kefir has antiviral, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory potential. Kefir has been shown to inhibit angiotensin-converting enzyme levels, cholesterol metabolism, accelerate wound healing, suppress tumour
growth, and cause alterations in the immune system to improve asthma symptoms and allergy.”

“Kefir and its probiotic contents can modulate the immune system to suppress infections from viruses (e.g. Zika, hepatitis C, influenza, rotaviruses).”

“Kefir can act as an anti-inflammatory agent”

“It has been postulated that some COVID-19 patients die after the massive inflammatory response resulting from a cytokine storm … Kefir can inhibit the activity of proinflammatory cytokines. Using kefir (and its byproducts) as an inhibitor of
proinflammatory cytokines in COVID-19 patients could be a viable policy.”

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