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Welcome to Nourish Kefir: "The Miracle Milk Drink"

Welcome to Nourish Kefir!
We are a small family run business producing Award Winning Kefir drinks made from organic fresh cow's milk and Fresh whole goats milk.
We ferment live fresh kefir grains daily to produce delicious artisan, authentic fermented milk kefir drinks.

Our range of drinks are special and you will taste the difference and notice changes in your gut!
From our humble beginnings of discovering kefir grains in 2006; we started selling drinks in 2007, and soon after in 2009 we began making drinks in our first dairy in Camden Town, London, in our first micro fermentation factory in 2009!  A few years later in 2012 we relocated our production facility to South Croydon, where you can come and buy Nourish drinks directly from us.  Our factory is SALSA accredited and regularly inspected by Croydon Council EHO's who awarded us a 5 STAR rating.

We have perfected the art and skill of fermenting real kefir grains
We have been growing all our own kefir grains since Deborah was first given the miraculous bacteria in 2006!   It takes 6 days of fermentation of grains to produce each batch.  A slow fermentation will ensure the best growth of gut friendly bacteria from the grains.  Nourish stands out from other kefir drinks, because kefirs made from grains are the most effective.  We've perfected our recipe over the years, but we are still conscious that real kefir grains are a living thing - and they change, grow, develop and multiply!

Media attention
Back in 2009 we were featured on the Radio 4 Food Programme, who were interested in the fermentation revival.  We welcomed broadcaster Sheila Dillon to our London dairy (listen here).
We were featured a second time on the Food Programme in 2016 when Sheila Dillon visited our factory in South Croydon.
Deborah was interviewed for the BBC World Service programme about mental health issues and the gut
We have been featured as one of the Top 10 superfoods on Channel 4 Superfoods series.
We have been scientifically tested for Trust Me I'm a Doctor in 2017, who used our drinks in a gut health trial.
We've been scientifically tested in an ADHD trial and a Gut-Brain study.
We've also been to Downing Street on International Women's Day for having a woman MD
In 2021 we were given Great Taste Awards for our cow's and goats milk kefirs... and that was wonderful, however our most rewarding moments are hearing back from our customers.  We our thankful for all our wonderful customers who share their journeys of gut health improvements with us.  We are grateful to be producers of a natural food that really does help people  Click here for some comments from our customers

We believe our range of drinks are delicious and pure goodness, bursting with gut-friendly bacteria.  Our original taste is slightly sour, creamy and always refreshing!  Nourish Kefir is 100% natural, fresh, sugar free and gluten free!  It's bursting with billions of naturally occurring live bacteria that develop and multiply during the fermentation process.  What we don't do: we don't add individual strains of bacteria to a yoghurt base - to make a sort of kefir-style product - Nourish is the real deal

Organic Kefir

Organic Kefir is best
Since 2010 we have been audited by the Organic Food Federation.
We switched to organic cow's milk because that's what our customers wanted.  And we are so glad we did, because we love and appreciate how organic produce is farmed.  Organic milk is more nourishing, it has the best farming practice for the cow's and has the least harmful effect on the environment.  Organic farming is much better for the planet!

We also use organic agave nectar and organic fruit purees to make our delicious smoothies. Organic produce is more expensive on the purse - but hopefully you will have the confidence that it's worth it.

Currently our goats milk is not organic (yet), but we buy from a reputable British supplier and we are 100% happy with the quality of the milk and the care of the lovely goats.
We asked them about organic goat's milk and were informed that it's harder to achieve because goats are fussy creatures and like being indoors on cold days!

Organic Food Federation