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Real Kefir grains to make our drinks

Welcome to Nourish Kefir: "The Miracle Milk Drink"

Welcome to Nourish Kefir!
Why choose us?  We are local artisan producers of the authentic fermented milk drinks made from fresh British organic cow's milk as well as fresh goats milk always using the most important ingredient - real kefir grains.

Our range of drinks are special and you will taste the difference...
Although we started selling kefir from 2007, we actually started our first dairy, making it ourselves in 2009 - a small industrial kitchen converted into a micro fermentation factory!  We bought our fermentation tank, filling machine, labeller and chiller - It was a very exciting time!  From day one we made a good impression with discerning consumers in independent health food shops around London and sales took off!  We've relocated and now have a lovely production facility located in South Croydon, where you can come and buy our drinks directly from us.

Fermenting real kefir grains is a skill that we have been developing since we began in 2007.  We have been growing all our own cultures since Deborah was first given the miraculous kefir grains in 2006!   Our authentic fermentation process takes 6 days in total to produce each batch.  A slow fermentation helps get the best from the grains in terms of a kefir drink end product that will nourish your gut.  Actually this is our big USP -We stand out from the crowd in terms of quality and authenticity because we are making authentic (yes real) kefir drinks.  You will see that we post often about our grains fermentation - even on Sundays.  This is the difference in quality you get with Nourish.

In the first 3 years of fermenting the grains we had different results every day!  It was a learning curve and taught us a lot about kefir, connectivity and the ripple effect... meaning that everything affects everything.
Back in 2009 we were so excited to be featured on the Radio 4 Food Programme, who were interested in the fermentation revival.  We were delighted to welcome broadcaster Sheila Dillon to our small London dairy (listen here). We like to think we have perfected our recipe over the years, but we are still conscious that real kefir grains are a living thing - and they change, grow, develop and multiply!

We believe our range of drinks are delicious and pure goodness, bursting with gut-friendly bacteria.  Our original taste is slightly sour, creamy and always refreshing!  Nourish Kefir is 100% natural, fresh, sugar free and gluten free!  Click here for some comments from our customers

Nourish Kefir is bursting with billions of naturally occurring live bacteria that develop and multiply during the fermentation process.  The loving cultivation of our grains with organic cow's milk... and now with fresh goats milk. It is part science part art, as each batch is unique.  And that's what makes it so special!

What we don't do: (we don't add individual strains of bacteria to a yoghurt base - to make a sort of kefir-style product - ours is the real deal!)

The variety of strains of bacteria makes all the difference

Nourish Kefir is a live cultured milk drink.  Each 500ml bottle contains more than 200 billion live bacteria (Yes that many! lab tested) We know that there may be as many as twenty different strains or sub species of bacteria and yeasts in kefir grains.  They are very special and live in what scientists describe as a perfect symbiosis, where the different bacteria and yeast co-exist harmoniously, even supporting each other to survive and thrive!  Click here for species that we have had identified

The science behind kefir...We have researched many scientific papers,  interviewed scientists and learned so much about kefir since we began.  We have included some information here that we hope you will find useful.

Making kefir

Kefir is a unique living food, containing enzymes, yeasts and multiple strains of live bacteria.  Kefir is rich in antioxidants, anti bodies and metabolites as well as some vitamins and minerals.

The transformation of milk into kefir makes it superior because it is much easier to digest and absorb the rich nutrient contents.  Regularly drinking kefir will convince you of its positive effects.

We make fresh batches of kefir four times a week, following an authentic recipe that originate from the Caucasus Mountains.

NOURISH - is what it does...
KEFIR - is an old Turkish word, meaning 'good life' or 'long life'

Organic Kefir

Organic Kefir ...We are proud to be audited by the Organic Food Federation for the past 10 years.  We switched to organic cow's milk because we love how organic is farmed.  We believe that organic milk is produced in a way that is most nourishing for our bodies and is good for the cow's as well as the environment they live in.  Therefore better for the planet too!
We also use organic agave nectar and organic fruit purees to make our smoothies.  Currently our goats milk is not organic (yet), but we buy from a reputable British supplier and we are 100% happy with the quality of the milk and the care of the lovely goats.

Organic Food Federation

We make fresh batches of Organic cow's milk kefir several times a week, following an authentic recipe that originate from the Caucasus Mountains.