BBC 2 Trust Me I’m a Doctor

The popular BBC Trust Me I’m a Doctor contacted us in May 2016.   The programmes producers and researchers asked us to provide 280 bottles of our fresh organic, natural kefir drinks for a one month trial to be conducted for the TV health food series.

It was an urgent request on a Friday afternoon for delivery that Sunday to be shipped up to Scotland. As a producer of real kefir from live kefir grains we were delighted to have been asked to provide our kefir for the programme. We were informed by BBC researchers that 10 volunteers would be drinking kefir every day over a one month period. As part of the scientific study each volunteer would provide stool samples taken before they started drinking kefir and at the end of the study. The aim being that these samples would be analysed to learn more about the effectiveness of the live friendly bacteria in the kefir to see if it would actually populate a human gut over several weeks of consumption!

As the only UK producers of real kefir from grains in cow’s milk we were very excited to take part in the study. Our founder Deborah already knew from personal experience and years of research, plus customer testimonials that Nourish Kefir works! The difficulty as a small business is to scientifically prove this! So the BBC leading the scientific research provided an independent study to verify what we already knew about the efficacy of our kefir drinks.

We kept in touch with the BBC in the months that followed believing that the series would be broadcast in September 2016, but that didn’t happen. Then the first we knew was at the end of January this year when the BBC released a press release about the trial results, see it here:

The programme was shown on BBC2 a few days later and we were so excited to watch it – especially to see what Dr Michael Mosley would say about the kefir.

The Results
In the scientific study over a 30 day period Nourish Kefir was proven to populate the guts of the 10 volunteers with new strains of gut-friendly bacteria that were previously not present.
We asked the producers if any of the participants had any gut related health issues and were told they did not. Because we believe that if they had taken 10 volunteers with various gut problems such poor digestion, bloating and IBS they would have seen an amazing dramatic and positive effect… maybe next time?
This link takes you to the webpage for Trust Me I’m a Doctor where you can read their synopsis about the trial:
Can I alter my get bacteria and improve my health?

Not all kefirs are the same
We would like to set the record straight here and say that other kefir products are available on the market, and some have used this news story to imply that their kefir products are the same, or were part of the BBC study – but that’s not the case. Obviously the BBC did not inform viewers that it was Nourish Kefir used for the trial, but we wanted to let you know ourselves!

When our business was created in 2006 our founder Deborah had experienced a healing through consumption of kefir – made from live kefir grains. In the 11 years that have followed our business is the leading producer of kefir made from grains. This is a wonderful fermentation process that is lengthy, complex, meticulous and scientific. We followed this path because all of the existing scientific research on kefir reported exceptional benefits to health with kefir made from grains. We are proud to be producing a product that others are gradually recognising to make a difference and that more people are choosing to add to their diets. We ferment our kefir grains 6 days a week! They are amazing living organisms, given by nature to nurture and nourish us. We are really grateful for that!