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New Label Artwork shows grains

Here’s a sneak preview of our new label artwork showing real kefir grains for our 500ml Nourish Kefir.

We are so passionate about making authentic kefir that we want to show you that we  make kefir with real grains, and as experts in kefir fermentation – it’s important to share with you that we grow them here at our dairy.  From start to finish we look after every step of our kefir production.  It’s really important for us to make sure we deliver the very best quality kefir to you!

Fermenting kefir grains is an art and science.  And you’d be surprised if you realised the efforts we go to in preparing our cultures to make each batch of Nourish Kefir.  It takes no less than 5 days of fermentation!

We work at weekends too to keep looking after our kefir grains.  They are a special living organism and they need lots of care and attention.   So here they are now on the front of our new label artwork!

We also decided to include how we got started. From Deborah’s chance discovery of kefir in 2006, making her own kefir at home and healing her chronic IBS and crohn’s disease, to Nourish Kefir under scientific scrutiny from the producers of Trust Me I’m a Doctor.  We are confident about our drinks and were thrilled with the proven results!

It is really exciting to see how popular kefir has become since the Trust Me I’m a Doctor programme was broadcast in 2017. (in the episode Nourish Kefir is the group 1 test)

With Nourish Kefir we promise there is NO yoghurt in our kefir drinks.  We make pure and real kefir and that is why we created a new label and updated the artwork to show the actual grains.  An interesting fact: there is no yoghurt cultures in real kefir grains… (Yoghurt cultures are: Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus).
Real kefir has a mesophilic fermentation at 22 degrees, where as yoghurt has a thermophilic fermentation at 38 degrees.
Real kefir is different to yoghurt based kefir – they are NOT the same product – but they carry the same name.

If you have any questions, feedback or comments we would love to hear from you – so get in touch here