Benefits from drinking kefir

Benefits from drinking kefir.   According to the EU regulations we are not allowed to tell you about the benefits from drinking kefir, but don't let that put you off!  Kefir is regularly featured in newspapers and magazines every day or on health related websites explaining what's good about it.

Deborah with a flask of kefir grains in milk

To give you some evidence that kefir works, check-out the story of our founder Deborah.  From becoming unwell with IBS in her 20's to developing Crohn's disease in her 30's Deborah knows first hand about gut health problems.  She had poor digestion,  daily diarrhoea, bloating, gas and breath-taking pain.  It was not only very uncomfortable to live with constantly, but it also knocked her confidence and was very embarrassing.    Deborah was prescribed various Immuno-suppressant medications that exacerbated her symptoms.  Desperate to get back to normal she stopped taking medication and started experimenting with alternative, natural health remedies to get well.  She tried many different things; from vega testing, changing her dental fillings, kinesiology, gluten free diet, dairy free diet, taking vitamin and mineral supplements all with varying degrees of success.  Then in April 2006 she found kefir - simply by chance and with no idea that it would change everything.  She started fermenting kefir grains and after 2 to 3 months of drinking kefir each day her years of symptoms cleared up.  Yes - just like that! The thing she really wanted to achieve was to go to the toilet normally again and drinking kefir made that happen.  Deborah went from avoiding bread to being able to eat it again without suffering pain from bloating.  She could live her life without having to know exactly where the toilet was - which had been her experience for the past 10 years!  It was  a very happy miracle.  Her personal healing journey led Deborah to start the Nourish Kefir business in 2007 to help others.  Since then we have helped thousands of people, of all ages, improve their gut microbiome from a diverse range of gut related conditions.

Our products have been scientifically tested and proven effective.  In 2015 the BBC approached us to supply Nourish Kefir for an experiment for the groundbreaking programme Trust me I'm a Doctor.  280 bottles were sent  - one months supply of a 250ml bottle a day for 10 volunteers.  The results were interesting and impressive if you get to watch the episode on youtube.  According to the programme our drink was more effective than a well known shot of bacteria.  The bacteria strains from our drinks adhered to the digestive tract of the people taking part in the study - the results were so impressive that the programme sang kefirs praises and that marked the launch of kefir to British consumers who were very keen to try it.  (Sadly they didn't sing our praises - so the distinction was not made because not all kefir drinks are the same as ours)

In 2019 our drinks were used in a pilot study for children with ADHD to see if changing their diet would improve their symptoms.  The results were so impressive that in 2022 we are currently involved in a larger study specifically looking at kefir only, as an addition to the diet, to see what changes it makes for children with ADHD - we will be very keen to see the results.

In 2019-2020 we took part in a study at South Bank University looking into the gut- brain connection after consuming fermented foods.  This study has not yet published it's results, though we have learned a snippet about the effects of Nourish Kefir on the participants and early results demonstrated that the bacteria in our drinks showed signs of improving the moods of the participants in the trial.  We look forward to having the full scientific report to learn more.

Although not scientists ourselves, we know that real kefir made from grains has a beneficial role to play in helping to keep deliver gut friendly bacteria into our bodies and we predict that this area of science will continue to evolve and prove how the gut microbiome plays an important if not critical role in our health.

For now please judge it for yourselves.  We love kefir, we are passionate about what we do and dedicated to making the best quality kefir that we hope you will love too.

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