Nourish Kefir white bottles are made from PET, which is fully recyclable.

The British Plastics Federation website contains useful information about PET and how it can be re-used over and over again.

Some uses for recycled PET – other non-food containers and packaging materials, clothes – yes even clothes! So do put your bottles into recycle bins.

We don’t recommend you re-use them to make up starter cultures though! You need completely clean, sterile containers and cannot guarantee that 100% if you reuse one of our bottles – better to use a jug, or for on the go – a flask would be better that you know has been thoroughly cleaned!

We use White PET to protect the kefir from sunlight and UV rays!
For us PET is a safer material to handle in our factory compared to glass – if you drop glass it becomes a hazard! Glass is also a heavier material, where as PET is light-weight and easy to use.

Other materials
We use recycled and recyclable cardboard box packaging and always aim to either re-use or recycle where we can. We have minimal waste here at Nourish Kefir, but are conscious of our environmental foot-print.
It’s all about trying to strike a balance!