Recycling Plastic

Nourish Kefir white bottles are made from PET, which is fully recyclable.

The British Plastics Federation website contains useful information about PET and how it can be re-used over and over again.

Some uses for recycled PET – other non-food containers and packaging materials, clothes – yes even clothes! So do put your bottles into recycle bins!

We use White PET to protect the kefir from sunlight and UV rays!

Other materials we use…
We use recycled and recyclable cardboard box packaging and always aim to either re-use or recycle where we can. We aim to have minimal waste here at Nourish Kefir, and we are conscious of our environmental foot-print!  We buy British materials and some suppliers are local.

Low energy manufacture…
Kefir is actually a ‘low energy’ drink – you use ambient temperatures during fermentation and looking after the kefir grains.  We developed our own cooling system at the end of fermentation too which is a bit more energy efficient.

Regarding the use of plastics… It’s all about trying to strike a balance between practicality and acceptability!  We definitely don’t have all the answers, but we try to be responsible as producers and consumers and make the effort to recycle.  Currently PET is a safer material for us to handle in our factory – say compared to glass.  Glass is heavy and if you drop glass it becomes a hazard, especially in a food production environment! (Glass also does have to be put in a recycle bin too  – you cannot refill it!)