Nourish Kefir Doorstep Delivered by Milk & More

Nourish Kefir doorstep delivered by Milk & More

Nourish Kefir doorstep delivered by Milk & More for fresh daily deliveries

The much loved British milkman (or woman) offers the full complement of all things breakfast related - delivered daily to your door.  what a great way to start to the day with a delicious bowl of muesli smothered in kefir - it's tasty, nutritious and delicious... ticks all the boxes.

Milk & More have been the champion of sustainable doorstep deliveries for many years with their fleet of eco friendly electric vehicles.

Also pioneers in environmentally friendly produce much of their packaging is recycled by them, or easily recyclable.  We are delighted to now be able to offer glass bottles for Nourish Kefir organic cow's milk in 500ml size stylish bottles.

The milkman delivers to homes throughout the UK.   Check availability on Milk & More, enter your postcode and see who your milkman will be.

If you are new to kefir take a look at some of our customer testimonials...

Kefir in glass bottles
Nourish Kefir in Glass bottles exclusively with Milk & More