Sheila Dillon, radio 4 presenter, with Deborah

BBC Radio 4 – The Food Programme

In 2012 Sheila Dillon the esteemed presenter of BBC Radio 4 The Food Programme came to visit our production facility at Nourish Kefir.

Investigating the latest fads in food culture, Sheila observed there was growing interest in fermentation.  She was most likely, very surprised to discover that located right in the centre of London, close to Regent Canal and St Pancras train station was a small artisan producer was making real kefir.

It was a fun afternoon and we demonstrated our love and passion for the live kefir grains and the art of fermentation (we even gave some to Sheila to make kefir at home!)  Listen to the 2012 broadcast here.

Since then we relocated to a larger premises (in South Croydon), to increase our kefir production.  And in March 2016 we were absolutely delighted to welcome Sheila to visit us again and get an update on Nourish Kefir and what’s happening the fermentation revolution.  The BBC Radio 4 Food Programme is broadcast on Sundays at 12.32pm.  Listen to the 2016 Food Programme broadcast here.