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Kefir - what is it?

Kefir - what is it?  Kefir is a centuries old fermented milk drink, with a consistency of drinking yoghurt, and a delicious creamy taste that's slightly sour, a little like creme fraiche, with the hint of a fizz that adds to its uniqueness.  These days it is made in a variety of ways and with different ingredients, but the authentic, traditional or 'real' kefir, (which is what we make) is revered because it contains billions of gut friendly good bacteria.
When we say 'real' what we mean is that the milk is fermented with actual living kefir grains, which is what these good bacteria are called.  In our 15 years of Fermenting live grains we've read a lot of scientific papers about the effectiveness of it in providing improvements to digestion and gut health...

Kefir took off in the UK in 2017 following the BBC's Trust Me I'm a Doctor series.  In one episode they featured the results of a scientific study, where 10 people drank a 250ml bottle of Nourish Kefir each day, for one month, to see if their gut microbiome changed.  The results of the study were really positive and showed that their guts had new good bacteria  that had started growing after daily consumption of the drink.  Since then the demand and availability of kefir has increased dramatically.  There are many different varieties available, and you can easily make kefir yourself!  In these pages we will tell you a lot about kefir and how it can help you get positive results too.

In 2020 we participated in clinical gut-brain trial with London South Bank University... results will be out soon.

Kefir grain Love

What Are Real Kefir Grains

Real Kefir grains are the 'jewels' that we use at Nourish Kefir to make all our drinks.   They look like small pieces of cauliflower and are spongy to touch and are generally known as 'grains'.  We love the fact that these 'grains' occur in nature - yes they are not man made - it's actually why we refer to our drinks as 'The Miracle Milk Drink'.

We have researched into how to make the highest quality kefir.  Looking after the grains is what we do best!  They are a living micro-organism, needing loving care and attention, and the end result is a delicious drink of nourishing goodness!  We always use fresh whole milks - organic cow's or fresh goats milk, which are nutritionally rich in essential vitamins and minerals.  Our drinks are free from yoghurt bacteria, added sugar, thickener, preservative and gluten.

We have been fermenting real kefir since 2007, you'll notice the difference in the authentic taste of our range, and your tummy will be very happy!

Authentic Kefir

What our Customers Say - Testimonials...

The feedback and views of our customers  demonstrates the effectiveness of Nourish Kefir, especially for adults and children with specific gut related issues.

Recently a customer reported how her Crohn's related gut inflammation REDUCTION is due to regularly drinking Nourish.  We know that kefir made from grains really does work, and getting impartial feedback gives hope to anyone suffering with similar symptoms.  There have been years of scientific investigation across the globe to it's positive impact on the body.

Another customer told us how after drinking Nourish for a week their IBS symptoms had improved - so much so that they didn't have to stop for the toilet on the way to work!
A popular blogger who received loads of different probiotic samples says how ours is the brand that really makes a difference.

As well as the scientific study of Nourish through Trust Me I'm a Doctor, - we have taken part in a trial to see if kefir can help reduce ADHD symptoms.  The results have lead to a second, bigger trial starting Sept 2021.

Protect your gut from covid

Who Are We?

If you like local producers, that's exactly who we are.  A small team dedicated to making kefir in a business park in South Croydon, (close to where our founder Deborah grew up)!  Deborah discovered the amazing properties of kefir when she healed her Crohn's disease and IBS in 2006 by drinking kefir every day.  She was so impressed she decided to launch kefir in the UK to help others with gut problems similar to her own.  She went from making kefir in her kitchen, to giving up her day job and starting the Nourish Kefir brand, which launched in 2007.  In those early days hardly anyone in the UK had even heard of kefir... of course we all know about it now!

Deborah started by importing real kefir.  But she was keen to learn how to ferment large batches of kefir grains, and although it was challenging she managed to set up her own production facility.  With more than 15 years of kefir grains fermentation expertise, Nourish stands for authentic kefir production.  We work by our values and manage every stage of production,  with live kefir grains, making us the original producers of real kefir in the UK.

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