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Proven Effective Kefir Drink

Our authentic real kefir drinks, made from actual kefir grains have been tried and tested, and proven to be effective by scientists and featured by Michael Mosley on the BBC's Trust Me I'm a Doctor.

The aim of the trail was to compare kefir alongside probiotic shots and inulin, testing specifically which of these products actually worked, in that the probiotics in the products could improve the gut lining (or if they didn't work). In the summer of 2016 we supplied our drinks so that 10 volunteers would drink a 250ml bottle a day. The drinks effectiveness was being measured by testing the bacteria contents of the participants both before and at the end of the trial.  Impressive result: The results demonstrated how the gut microflora of the volunteers drinking Nourish Kefir had changed and become populated with new gut friendly bacteria.  These results were so good because of the way we ferment - with the actual real kefir grains - fresh each time for each batch!

When the programme was broadcast on TV in Feb 2017  the world woke up to the amazing effects of real kefir.  We have helped thousands of people over the years. and remain one of the few authentic, traditional producers.
We are currently taking part in a clinical gut-brain trial with London South Bank University.

Real Kefir grains

Made From Real Kefir Grains

Nourish Kefir drinks are made by fermenting live cultures - known as kefir grains in British, free range, organic cow's milk or fresh British goats milk.  From start to finish we do every stage of kefir grains fermentation here at our dairy in South London.  Artisan craft: It takes us 5 days of fermentation to prepare the kefir cultures for each batch we produce. Why do we do this? We genuinely believe that our range of drinks made from living grains is the absolute best for your gut!  Because of the way we ferment our cultures, each batch has a unique set of billions of gut-supporting micro-organisms, meaning that each bottle unique.

In addition, we have done the research into what makes the best kefir.  We always use fresh full fat milks, which are the best nutritionally with essential vitamins and minerals.  There is no added sugar, additives, thickener or preservatives or gluten in our drinks.  Looking after kefir grains is what we do best!  They are a living organism, needing loving care and attention, but the end result is definitely worth it!

We are fermentation experts and we believe you will notice the difference in the authentic taste of our products, and how your gut responds.  And with 13 years of testimonials, we have a proven track record of our product quality and effectiveness.

Kefir bottle with chia and strawberries

Where To Buy Real Kefir?

Our range of organic real kefir drinks are sold in Independent Health Food Shops, Fine Food and Organic stores throughout the UK and Ireland, including Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic, As Nature Intended and Selfridges.  We are proud to supply these independent retailers and you won't find us in large supermarkets.

Search our Stockist Finder to find a store near you (or ask us).
We also provide a delivery service to your home or work either direct from us by courier or you can arrange delivery through organic retailer Abel & Cole.
We can post you starter cultures for delivery all over the world, simply contact us to arrange.
We also welcome customers to our facility in South Croydon if you want to call in to buy from us here.

Here's Deborah, founder of Nourish Kefir

Who Are We?

Our founder Deborah discovered the amazing properties of kefir when it healed her Crohn's disease and IBS in 2006. She was so impressed she decided to launch kefir in the UK to help others with gut or digestion conditions! She went from making kefir in her kitchen, to giving up her day job and starting the Nourish Kefir brand, which launched in 2007.

Deborah started by importing real kefir, then learned how to ferment large batches of kefir grains and in 2008 made the investment to set up her own production facility. With more than 13 years of kefir grains fermentation experience, we are the experts in kefir grains and authentic kefir production.  We manage every stage of production, starting with real live kefir grains, making us one of the rare producers of real, original and authentic kefir, providing exceptional gut nourishment in our refreshing and delicious range of drinks!

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Kefir deliveries… an update from us

Kefir deliveries… and update from us

As mentioned before we are still producing kefir this week – unless we are instructed to close.
Staff are working at increased distance and wear masks and gloves and washing their hands frequently.
We have received many orders since last week and I need to ask you […]

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