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Nourish Kefir - proven on Trust Me I'm a Doctor

Welcome to the home of "The Miracle Milk Drink"!
We are the original British producers of organic traditional kefir drinks, made from live kefir grains.  We launched in the UK in 2007 and have featured on Channel 4's Superfoods and more recently on Trust Me I'm a Doctor, who we supplied Nourish Kefir drinks for their one month trial.  The programme was shown in 2017 and the  results were outstanding and gave kefir a massive boost in the UK.  However, the results were specific to our drinks, because of the way we make them!  They stand out from the others because we ferment with real live grains (no, not everyone does this). The results from Trust Me I'm a Doctor proved that Nourish Kefir drinks were capable of providing a diverse range of beneficial bacteria that were able to colonise in the guts of the people doing the trail.   They hands down surpassed the effects of other similar types of drinks. It's a complex fermentation process that makes our drinks exceptional in terms of the actual performance in the gut.  

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Made From Real Kefir Grains

From start to finish we do all our own fermentation here at our dairy in South London, to ensure you that every drop of Nourish Kefir is authentic!  Why? Because we know that kefir made from actual living grains is the absolute best for you - the Gold Standard!  It takes us 5 days of fermentation to prepare the kefir cultures for each batch we make.  And each batch has a unique set of gut-friendly micro-organisms making each drink unique.
We never add sugar, additives to thicken or preservatives. We always use fresh organic whole milk as we believe this is the best nutritionally.  We've read the scientific papers, we have our own personal gut transformation story, plus 12 years of testimonials from our customers.
We are 'real kefir' experts and hope that you will taste the difference in the the kefir we produce. Looking after kefir grains is our thing!  They are a living organism, needing loving care and attention, with the right conditions, but the end result is always worth it!

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Where to buy kefir?

Our range of organic kefir drinks are sold in wonderful Independent Health Food Shops, Fine Food and Organic stores throughout the UK and Ireland, including Selfridges, Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic.  We are proud to support independent retailers and you won't find us in supermarkets.
Search our Stockist List to find a store near you (or ask us) or arrange home delivery either direct from us or through Organic retailer Abel & Cole .
We can post you starter cultures for delivery all over the world, simply contact us to arrange.  We also welcome customers to our facility in South Croydon if you want to call in to buy from us here.

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Who Are We?

Our founder Deborah discovered the amazing effects of kefir in 2006 when it healed her Crohn's disease and IBS.  She was so impressed she decided to launch kefir in the UK to help others as much as it helped her!  Deborah went from making kefir for herself in her kitchen, to giving up her day job and starting the Nourish Kefir brand.  She went from importing real kefir, to learning how to ferment large batches and making the investment to set up her own dairy.  Today we are a professional team who look after all the kefir fermentation, taking care over all the nuances and quirks of looking after the grains and lovingly deliver to you a range of kefir drinks that are nourishing, refreshing and delicious!

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Nourish Kefir – Highly Commended Best Food & Drink

Nourish Kefir is Highly Commended as Best Food & Drink by Health Food Business Magazine.

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New Nourish Kefir Products for 2019

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