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Kefir - what is it?

Kefir - what is it?

It's a fermented or cultured milk drink, that originates from the Caucasus mountains.   It has a consistency of drinking yoghurt, with a delicious creamy, refreshing taste that's slightly sour, with the hint of a fizz that adds to its uniqueness.

In the UK this drink is made in a variety of ways and with different ingredients, and at Nourish we make it in the authentic, traditional way.  The traditional way involves fermenting milk (cow's or goats) with actual living kefir grains, which is what these good bacteria or cultures are called.

The word comes from old Turkish language and means something like good health!

Real kefir grains in shape of a heart on a blue background

What Are Real Kefir Grains?

Real Kefir grains are the cultures that we use at Nourish Kefir to make all our award winning drinks.   They look like small pieces of cauliflower and feel spongy to touch and are called 'grains'.  These 'grains' occur in nature and are not man made - it's actually why we refer to our drinks as 'The Miracle Milk Drink'.

Grains are a living micro-organism,  a perfect symbiosis of bacteria and yeast that live in a polysaccharide complex structure which gives them their shape.  They grow abundantly in fresh whole milk such as organic cow's or fresh goats milk, where they multiply.

We have been fermenting real genuine grains since 2007.  We've perfected the art of fermentation to make the highest quality authentic kefir.

Bottles of Nourish Organic kefir drinks and smoothies and starter culture packet offered by us

What our Customers Say - Testimonials...

From telling us it tastes great to telling us how our kefir makes the difference to their gut health or that of their loved ones, our customers have been singing the praises of Nourish since we launched back in 2007.  The feedback of our customers demonstrates the effectiveness of Nourish Kefir, especially for adults and children with specific gut related issues.

Recently a customer reported how her Crohn's related gut inflammation REDUCTION is due to regularly drinking Nourish.  We know that kefir made from grains really does work, and getting impartial feedback gives hope to anyone suffering with similar symptoms.  There have been years of scientific investigation across the globe to it's positive impact on the body.

Another customer told us how after drinking Nourish for a week their IBS symptoms had improved - so much so that they didn't have to stop for the toilet on the way to work!

Kefir is not a medicine, it is a natural food that has imparted good bacteria into milk through fermentation.  Having said that, Nourish drinks have been involved in scientific research through Trust Me I'm a Doctor, an ADHD trial at St Mary's University hospital, and a clinical gut-brain trial with London South Bank University.

Deborah is holding a flask of fermenting kefir grains in milk

Who Are We?

We are artisan producers of award winning real kefir.  Inspired to make kefir after our founder managed to heal her gut of Crohn's disease, predominantly by drinking kefir she made for herself at home.  So profound was this effect that she decided to firstly import kefir from Slovenia in 2007, then to actually start making kefir, and in 2009 she created a small dairy based in London.  In 2012 we relocated to South Croydon, where Deborah and the team are dedicated to producing the finest kefir in the UK.

Deborah's values are to honour the traditional recipe, which takes 6 days of fermentation to make each batch.  Although this is a slow and manual process, what we want to create is a kefir with a similar healing potential that Deborah experienced herself back in 2006.   We are not the biggest, but we have still served thousands of people making a real difference to their gut health.  We are not the cheapest, but we believe the effects from our drinks will make us the best value for money.  If you are looking for kefir that will make a difference to your gut health then try Nourish.

We chose the brand name Nourish because that is what we believe our kefir does - it nourishes your insides, which is more important today than ever before.
For more info about Deborah's Gut healing Journey click here

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Kefiran positive effect on Cholesterol reduction

Kefiran positive effect on cholesterol reduction.

A scientific study in 2006 investigated if drinking kefir from cow’s milk or soya milk could reduce serum cholesterol.
“Nakajima et al. (1992) found that the consumption of milk fermented with a certain exopolysaccharide-producing lactic
acid bacterium significantly decreased serum cholesterol levels in rats, whereas the consumption […]

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