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Boost your Gut – protect against covid

Protect your gut from covid

Boost your Gut – protect against covid.  An article in the Daily Mail online reports recent scientific studies suggesting that people with healthy gut microflora could be better able to fight off an attack of the corona virus, compared to someone with an impaired gut micro-flora.

A gut that functions normally and has a rich and diverse range of friendly bacteria is better able to support the body’s overall immune system and potentially better able to resist infection.
Drinking kefir is a good way to obtain a diverse range of good bacteria.  It is a low cost, natural food that could boost your gut and protect against covid.  Kefir made from grains is the best quality you can get.  It provides a naturally fermented range of good bacteria, good yeasts, enzymes and beneficial exopolysaccharides.  Real kefir’s acidity and sour taste can also help reduce bad bacteria and repopulate the intestines with good bacteria.  How long this takes varies from person to person and how much kefir is consumed each day.

A balanced, nutritious diet and eating fresh fruit are other simple measures also reported to make a difference.

Ferment your own (so cheap to do) or buy our premium kefir – and drink some every day.
Stay safe and stay well!

Links are provided above to scientific studies investigating the benefits of drinking kefir. In our opinion, kefir made from grains offers the best gut boosting support.  Photo shows MD Deborah with kefir grains that have been fermenting in organic cow’s milk.