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Inflammation Reduction After Drinking Kefir

Inflammation Reduction After Drinking Kefir… 
Hi Deborah,
Hope you are all well there?
Just placed my regular order 👍
Had some good news this morning from my crohns nurse specialist.
Obviously haven’t been seen since 2019 due to covid but recently had a telephone consultation.
Mentioned I was drinking kefir daily and we decided to test a stool sample again to check my inflammation levels. Had gone up in 2019 to 506 but she’s just emailed me with the result – now 274 😮
Am so pleased as your kefir is definitely helping reduce the inflammation. Hopefully it will continue to reduce it some more.
Thanks SO much for your wonderful product. Don’t know why it’s taken me so long to discover it 😂
Best Wishes,
Debbie 💐😊
Real kefir made from grains has anti inflammatory properties… not just because it contains lots of gut friendly bacteria – but that the exopolysaccharide kefiran – (only present in kefir from grains) is able to act like a soothing balm on an inflamed intestinal tract, to bring it back to normal.  Blood tests are a good way to measure inflammation markers, and generally a sign of inflammation in the body is a warning.  To find a natural wholesome food that can contribute to the reduction of intestinal inflammation is in very special!
Is it backed by science? Yes: research by  K L Rodrigues 1J C T CarvalhoJ M Schneedorf investigating the anti-inflammatory effects of real kefir in a laboratory environment have been able to identify the ability of real kefir achieved positive results in their tests

Of course, the real proof is in everyday life.  And hearing back such positive news from one persons experience could offer hope to many more.