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15% off Goats Kefir in March

Get 15% off goats kefir in March..

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We have been growing kefir grains in goat’s milk for over a year now.  We developed what we think is a light, refreshing and slightly tangy goats kefir that will delight people who cannot digest cow’s milk – or they just prefer the taste of goats milk!

From the feedback we have had so far – if you like goats cheese – you will love our goats kefir 🙂

We think it hits the spot and hope you will love it too!  We made a very short video about it
Let us know what you think of it too…

Available in two sizes: 250ml and 500ml
The voucher code to use at the checkout is NEWKEFIR to ensure you get your 15% off goats kefir in March

Sadly it is not made with organic goats milk… If we could source it in the UK we would use it to ferment our grains.  We talked to the leading goats milk producers in the UK.  They told us an interesting fact about goats – that apparently they like to be in-doors!  Organic certification standards require goats to be outdoors for a certain number of days a year… that it seems our beautify British goats do not seem to want to do!

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Nourish Kefir – Highly Commended Best Food & Drink

Nourish Kefir is Highly Commended as Best Food & Drink by Health Food Business Magazine.

We are delighted to be recognised in these Health Food Sector awards.  Independent Health Food Stores do a great job of supplying a diverse range of wonderful organic and natural foods and supplements so beneficial to maintaining our good health and nutrition.

In Health Food Business magazine’s annual awards they asked retailers to vote for their favourite products across several categories.  Nourish Kefir drinks entered and were Highly Commended in the Best Food and Drink category, which is a great accolade to achieve among many fine health food products!

We sell our range of authentic drinks and kefir starter cultures almost exclusively through this retail sector in the UK and Ireland – see our stockist list for shops  as well as some online retailers, so you will not find us in supermarkets.  We feel it is important support the independent health food sector (many of whom are small businesses just like us) and shop local when we can!

We are passionate about fermenting real kefir grains and are dedicated to making authentic, traditional kefir here in our dairy in South London.

Although Kefir is essentially a fermented milk drink, real kefir (what we produce) is more complicated in terms of explaining why it is different to supermarket kefir.  Why it’s more complicated is all to do with the kefir grains – which are a complex micro-organism comprising of different types of good bacteria and yeast!  Unless you are really into kefir it can be a bit mind boggling!  But as far as taste goes….for everyone who’s tried Nourish Kefir and loves it, and comes back for more; they can taste the difference and feel the difference to their gut health!

Regarding Health Food sector awards, and other awards in general… actually we don’t enter many – maybe we should?  What do you think – let us know?