NEW! Nourish Goats Milk Kefir


Fermented with fresh goats milk and real kefir grains



NEW! Try our tasty Nourish Goats Milk Kefir!

We have nurtured some specially selected and dedicated kefir grains and grown them in goats milk all year.  After lots of fermentations we have developed a recipe for a super tasty goats milk kefir.  We hope you will love it!

Most importantly is packed full of the good gut friendly bacteria and enzymes that you only find in kefir made from real kefir grains!  Nourish Goats kefir tastes a bit different to cows milk kefir; as it’s more runny and slightly tangy, but rather moreish once you try it!

Home delivery is available now in 8 x 250ml and 6 x 500ml pack sizes.

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6 x 500ml, 8 x 250ml


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