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15% off Goats Kefir in March

Get 15% off goats kefir in March..

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We have been growing kefir grains in goat’s milk for over a year now.  We developed what we think is a light, refreshing and slightly tangy goats kefir that will delight people who cannot digest cow’s milk – or they just prefer the taste of goats milk!

From the feedback we have had so far – if you like goats cheese – you will love our goats kefir 🙂

We think it hits the spot and hope you will love it too!  We made a very short video about it
Let us know what you think of it too…

Available in two sizes: 250ml and 500ml
The voucher code to use at the checkout is NEWKEFIR to ensure you get your 15% off goats kefir in March

Sadly it is not made with organic goats milk… If we could source it in the UK we would use it to ferment our grains.  We talked to the leading goats milk producers in the UK.  They told us an interesting fact about goats – that apparently they like to be in-doors!  Organic certification standards require goats to be outdoors for a certain number of days a year… that it seems our beautify British goats do not seem to want to do!