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Healing is Possible

Healing is always possible.  Even with a diagnosis that says otherwise.  The power of our intentions, our will to survive and our strength to take positive action all contributes to our healing possibilities.

In February, my dad was diagnosed with an untreatable oesophageal tumour and an internal tear (that he was told will never heal).  He has been given good news today that after just four months post diagnosis the tear has healed.

I believe he did this by following an ‘alternative’ anti-cancer diet.  This involved for the most part; clean foods (avoiding sugar), healing teas, bicarbonate of soda, vitamins and minerals, cbd oil, meditation and prayer, intention, rest, sleep, hydration and of course both cows and goats milk kefir.

His journey to wellness is only just beginning, and yes he has a long way to go!  But today we are celebrating that a life threatening tear has healed!  His body did this, he did this and we all supported him – especially my mum!

I wanted to share it with you – because this is happening to people all over the place and we need to encourage each other to not accept a diagnosis that we cannot be healed.  We all have the power to take better care of ourselves, our bodies and minds.  I believe that healing is possible!  And I am grateful for all the books, resources and products readily available – especially kefir that is helping him to get through this challenging time in his life!

We took this photo in the hospital today  just after the meeting with the surgeon and nurse – to capture the moment and the feeling.  Me with my Dad William and Mum Mary.