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Your Kefir and gut health questions

Deborah answers your kefir questions


Do you have any questions about your gut health and kefir, let us know?

Deborah experienced profound changes and healing of her crohn’s disease and IBS through drinking kefir.  She had been suffering for more than 10 years with symptoms of IBS and crohn’s.  Since discovering kefir in 2006 her health returned and she started Nourish Kefir to provide authentic kefir for people who wanted to improve their gut health Deborah has supported thousands of customers on their journey to a happy gut.
Her suggestions are practical and easy to implement straight away.

If you have any questions related to kefir let us know…

Send your questions by email – up to 8th September.  Please provide a brief outline of your symptoms for a particular gut health issue.
We will collate all the questions and then answer them in a video blog – that we will put up on the website youtube page mid September.

Deborah has been featured on BBC Radio 4 – The Food programme, Channel 4 Superfoods and on the BBC World Service in March talking about kefir and gut health.