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£20 off first order at Farmdrop

Get £20 off your Farmdrop order

Get £20 off your first order at Farmdrop using the code NOURISH

We are very excited to let you know that Farmdrop is now selling Nourish Kefir…
To celebrate this, Farmdrop have agreed a special offer of £20 off your first order – pretty good offer when you consider how much there is to choose from!

Farmdrop offer our full Nourish Kefir range – yes even our yummy smoothies…
Just check that you are in the delivery area for Farmdrop to make sure they can reach you.  They deliver from 7am to 10pm to work addresses as well as home addresses – which is handy!

Farmdrop also like to support local producers – which is really great – on their website they say:

“local means that the food you order is grown or produced near our Hub. Then delivered direct to us from our farmers and food makers. When you buy local food, you’re directly supporting small farmers and family businesses who care about getting you the best food they can make (or grow) – and it hasn’t travelled as far, so it’s much fresher, tastier and healthier.”

Farmdrop is based in North London and Nourish Kefir is made about 12 miles away at our dairy in South Croydon.  We are a ‘small producer’ as it’s a family business that started in 2007.  We are the original, authentic fermenters of REAL kefir drinks are made with fresh organic cow’s milk or fresh goats milk.

When we say REAL – what we mean is that we ferment actual live kefir grains – 6 days a week!  We are the only UK commercial producer to do this.
And what do our drinks taste like?  Refreshingly creamy, smooth and delicious!
And the reason why we ferment in this authentic way is because it is the very best quality kefir you can drink – the ones made made with actual kefir grains.   There is no yoghurt bacteria in real kefir – it’s worth knowing the difference!

Hope you get to take up the offer !