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Organic and Free Range Milk

Free range organic cows

Organic and Free Range Milk question.
I love this email we received the other day.  It is heartwarming that someone cares enough to ask about the welfare of the cow’s and goats – an excellent question.  I just replied to Aimee and decided to share this with you:

Good evening,

I absolutely love kefir and I love your kefir the taste is impeccable. The only query I have is the
organic cows/goats milk, does it come from free range cows/goats who are treated well and kept well?

Many thanks,


Hi Aimee,
Many thanks for getting in touch, and so glad you love Nourish Kefir 🙂
Yes – I can provide assurance of excellent animal welfare for our organic cow’s and goats milk.  Yes both are free range, and mostly pasture fed – except when the weather prevents them from getting outside.  Goats are a bit fussy and like to be in doors… but they are given good care and the freedom to roam, explore and live happy and healthy lives!
A few years ago I was at a cow’s milk conference and they were talking about the high rainfall – especially in Ireland – and how perfect it is because the grass is growing with natural water – not having to be watered – like they have to do in warmer countries.  In the UK we still get good rainfall and this contributes to lovely fresh grass and organic pastures are of course free from nasty pesticides – I think we forget about these things.  And the hedges are allowed to grow – which supports that natural wildlife habitat – which is so critical for balanced ecology.  People are so worried about antibiotics – but there is much more going on on the planet.  Well looked after cows and goats are less likely to need any treatment.  And if an animal does become unwell it is removed from the supply – so it has a chance to get well and then later provide milk again.
I love organic milk because it is so much more than just milk.  We notice changes too at different times of year and it connects us all to the planet and where are food comes from.
We are passionate about making the best kefir -and all our kefir grains are organic too – we have been growing them for years in organic cow’s and goats milk…
It’s really great that you care, it is important, and we are doing our part to be responsible producers as are the organic farmers and growers who feel the same way.  We are all connected.
Have a lovely weekend,