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New Nourish Kefir Products for 2019

Nourish Kefir new products for 2019…

Have you seen our Nourish Goats Milk Kefir – yes we’ve been growing a selection of our precious kefir grains in goats milk for the past year.  And experimenting with our fermentation techniques to get it right… and the result – well you tell us what you think?
Goats milk kefir does taste different to cow’s milk kefir.  For a start it’s much runnier, and it’s an ever so slightly savoury taste.  The more we tried it the more we loved it – and we hope you do too!

Also – we’re launching the most amazingly yummy Organic Madagascan Vanilla Kefir!  What’s amazing is that it’s free from added sugar (or sweeteners) and tastes absolutely delicious!  Yes that’s right, it’s not sweet – it’s creamy and fresh and we know you will love it!

And – we’ve launched a smaller size Nourish Kefir Starter Cultures pack – it’s the “give it a go size”.  Ideal for having a go at making your own delicious kefir at home, with different types of milk and all the tummy loving bacteria, at a lower price!

Where can you find this delicious new offering?  At your fabulous Independent Health, Organic and Fine Food Stores across the UK and Ireland.  You can also buy them all here for home delivery!

Our promise to you – all our products are made by us, from scratch, with real kefir grains.  They are authentic kefirs.
Why do we do this? Because all the science behind the health benefits is related to kefir made from kefir grains.