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SALSA approval awarded to Nourish Kefir.

The SALSA accreditation is highly regarded as a trusted quality assurance of a small food producer.
Having Salsa approval demonstrates that as a producer of real kefir we follow all the relevant measures of food safety to ensure that the range of kefir drinks we deliver is always of the highest quality.

We value our product integrity, which is why we ferment our organic cow’s milk and goats milk with authentic kefir  grains.
We manage all our production here at our dairy in South Croydon.  This is were we ferment all our precious kefir grains – and also where we ferment our organic cow’s milk, and now also in goats milk.

We are so delighted to have achieved SALSA approval year after year.  Salsa approval is not easy to get, which makes it all the more worth while! As a small producer we appreciate the high standards the SALSA organisation demands of all its members and we are committed to maintaining those standards.
Salsa keeps up to date with all legal requirements and guides all small producers who are audited by SALSA to make sure they maintain the highest of standards at all times.
Visit the SALSA website for further information.
If you have any questions about this accreditation please contact us.