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Great Taste 2021 awarded 1 star to Nourish Kefir

Great Taste Award 2021 1 star

Great Taste 2021 awarded 1 star to Nourish Kefir
Nourish Kefir Organic Cow’s Milk Kefir and Nourish Goats Milk Kefir drinks have both been awarded 1 star from the judges at the 2021 Great Taste Awards.
The judges commented as follows:
An enticing looking drink with good freshness on the nose. The flavour is delicate and well balanced. Refreshing and easy to drink. We imagine enjoying it with Middle Eastern foods.
This kefir has a delightful aroma with fresh dairy and slight fermented notes. On the palate it was really refreshing and we loved the balance of creamy milk and slight effervescence from the ferment. A very clean and delicious product.

And for the goats kefir the judges noted:
This was lovely – a smooth, creamy, refreshing drink with a delicious earthy tang. There was a ‘farmyard’ element to the taste which was entirely pleasant, and a slight effervescence from the fermentation process on the tongue really made the flavour of the goat’s milk come alive.
This kefir has a wonderful sweet and goaty aroma without bordering into animal notes. This is refreshing and effervescent and it is a tasty, healthy drink. The milk is very rich and creamy and has a good mouthfeel.