Testimonials – what customers are saying about Nourish

Helen emailed us to say: (September 2014)
Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much kefir has helped me. I have had symptoms of ulcerative colitis for 10yrs and tried various treatments without effect. Within 3 weeks of starting to drink 250mls of the kefir daily all my symptoms disappeared and I have been well for about 5 months now and am still continuing to drink it daily. I am so grateful to nourish kefir for making and delivering such a great life changing product!

David and Denise sent us this email (Aug 2014)
We were recommended a kefir yoghurt whilst on holiday in Sydney, Australia last year and sought out a supplier of a kefir milk drink on our return in April 2013. Since that time we have had a glass of Nourish Kefir every morning and our digestion and immunity to germs has improved immeasurably. Neither my wife nor I have had colds,coughs or viruses.I have had years of prescribed anti acid tablets for an hiatus hernia. I have taken only 2 since having daily kefir. My wife is keen on nutrition and our diets as two senior citizens. I have always been sceptical of her obsessive research but I am convinced by kefir. It helps to make me feel very healthy in my later years.

Madeleine emailed to tell us (Sept 2013)
I have just bought the product - having heard excellent reports - and I must say the bloating has been diminished considerably!! What a wonderful thing that is... but what I am wondering is this: Should I take the product EVERY day, and is there a build up of gut bacteria which should be sufficient to last over, say a couple of days or more? Whilst writing, I would commend you for bringing forth a product that genuinely works notwithstanding its ancient heritage etc.. Well done!!! thanks Madeleine To answer your question - yes you are right, the gut will maintain a reasonable supply, at which time you can reduce your intake - and skip a day or two. You do not have to drink it every day - have it if you want it and feel you need it.

Gerry emailed us... (August 2013)
I was ecstatic when I heard on The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4 that kefir was available in the UK. I had loved it on trips to Russia but disappointingly had never managed to find any in the UK. I started with the bottles and then moved on to making my own from the packets of cultures (so easy!). My sensitive digestive system had never been happier! Since discovering later that I had also become lactose intolerant, I now make it with 'Lactofree' full milk so it's even better for me - same delicious taste but without lactose. Hurray!!! Gerry

Katherine called us... (August 2013)
The Kefir has certainly helped with one of the symptoms of candida in particular the diarrhoea, which I presume is because Kefir is so beneficial to the over all health of the gut allowing me to rebuild my immune system. (Katherine uses our Nourish Kefir starter cultures, having been recommended to try them!)

Rob told us...(July 2013)
When I got home the packet was waiting for me in the garage - thank you so much for the packaging of the bottles, excellent in this present weather!!! Two bottles have gone already! It's most encouraging and satisfying to find that the couriered company found my house and left the packet in the garage (this email was in response to sending kefir orders in this current heatwave!)

Mark emailed to tell us... (June 2013)
Hi Deborah, Just a short note to say a big thank you. The Nourish Kefir arrived first thing this morning and was well wrapped / cooled - and of course delicious. I'll no doubt need to order some more next week as I'm not that confident to make some myself. Many thanks again and superb marketing and customer service. Best regards, Mark
Zuzana emailed us to say...(March 2013)
Hello there, I would love to thank you for your wonderful product. Your Kefir has contributed (and continues to do so on regular basis) to my restored health after years of suffering with Colitis and primarily Candida overgrowth. There are many other factors that helped to restore my health but your Kefir is definitely one of the main ones. I have recommended your Kefir to my private practitioner who has been treating me for years now and I believe that he keeps passing my recommendation onto his other patients. THANK YOU so much for this wonderful products. It is a tasty health in a bottle. All the best Zuzana

Kerry from Aberdeen told us (Jan 2013)
Can't wait to get my nourish kefir .. Love Nourish Kefir ..it's the best for my stomach

Steve phoned to tell us: (Nov 12)
His wife has multiple sclerosis and has experienced improved digestive health since regularly drinking Nourish Kefir. He added that she knew it was making a difference when, after not taking it for a while her symptoms returned, then drinking kefir again everything started improving once more!

Biljana told us...
I can't emphasise strong enough how beneficial it has been for me as I have suffered from poor health recently and was taking antibiotics for quite a while. With the kefir it has brought in so much beneficial Bacteria to my gut and my wound is now heeling Much quicker thanks to the kefir. Many many thanks and keep up the good work, Biljana.

Alexis emailed to say:
I did realize the other day that mum hasn't had thrush after her last lot of very strong antibiotics. No other yoghurt has been able to do that for her. Thank you.

Emily told us... (Mar 2012)
I came across it in a health food shop and was looking for something to help as I was on antiobiotics at the time. It really helped but I think it would benefit me to use it all the time and also my mum is really interested as she has some digestive issues due to being diabetic.

Julie emailed to say: (Feb 2012)
Thank you so much for your very helpful reply.
I am taking Kefir to hopefully help with the symptoms left behind by HelicoBacter Pylori (fatigue, nausea, bitter taste, acid reflux) After just a few days I have definitely noticed a difference in my fatigue. I have been taking 250ml a day and will continue to do so. Many thanks, Julia

Anna from Brighton (Jan 2012)

Also wanted to say how tasty your kefir is. I'm Russian and was brought up drinking it (at school we usually had it with nice bun, at home with honey etc.) we use it in lots of different dishes. So I missed not having good quality kefir when I moved to England. I recently discovered your kefir and very happy that finally I can enjoy the drink I love.
Thank you very much for that. Kind regards, Anna.

Eral told us... (Jan 2012)
I wanted to first tell you how much we love your kefir. My wife is from Ukraine and I'm from Turkey and we've drank kefir all our lives. We were so excited when we found your kefir at Whole Foods when we moved to London 4 years ago. It tastes just like what we get back home.

Susan emailed to say... (Jan 2012)
I've recently bought a bottle of nourish kefir. I liked it and will keep purchasing it. It is more watery than when I have had kefir directly from a farm when I lived in South Africa. If I leave it out of the fridge for a few days will it become more lumpy? If it goes over its use by date is that acceptable. I'm thrilled that you are producing kefir and that I'm able to source it in Northampton. I have found that kefir certainly helps me and only wish that more people were aware of this wonderful drink. Thank you. Susan

Nasser emailed to tell us... (Dec 2011)
Hi I live in London. I just discovered your drink. Its exactly what I have been looking for for years! Thank you so much for providing this. Please don't ever lower your standards (like other companies). And please, please don't ever go out of business. All the best Nasser

Barbara emailed us... (Dec 2011)
Since I spoke to you last (soon after the emergency bowel op) I feel so much better and I know the Kefir has played a huge part in my return to good health. Thanks Deborah for all your help and for making this wonderful product, more people need to know about it!!! My dogs absolutely love it,they have a little for a treat from time to time. My dogs are fed a raw food diet so eat very well and are not greedy, but they see the Kefir bottle and tails start to wag!!!

Rachel emailed to say... (Nov 2011)
The kefir has helped a great deal, I'm very gradually getting more energy which is fantastic, a long way to go yet, but any progress is good. My mum is enjoying it too hence the two boxes. Very happy customers. Thank you for making your lovely kefir.

Sacha emailed to say... (Oct 2010)
I'm really grateful to you for making such a great product and for making it available in London. ...all the best, Sacha

Lynsey told us about her experience making kefir using our starter cultures... (Oct 2011)
I've successfully made my first batch! As you warned, it took longer than 24 hours but it has worked. It's as I expected - odd taste to begin with but it grows on you! Thanks for your support.

Nourish Kefir starter cultures customer Snjezana told us (Sept 2011)
I bought Nourish Kefir starter kit today at Wholefoods, Kensington, London and am very much looking forward to starting it. I am so pleased that I have found Kefir after all these years I have been living here (22 years). I come from former Yugoslavia and we all knew about the health benefits of kefir. Thank you for starting the business of selling it, I'll certainly be telling people about it.

Chris emailed us his moving story... (August 2011) This really meant so much to Deborah, thank you for sharing!
This is something I would not normally do, However with my 3rd order complete I think it is only fair to give you some feedback on why this drink is so important to me.

I have suffered from IBS-C now for 7 years, and as a 36 year old male who before this had an Iron constitution it affected me in a huge way. I was unable to accept that this was something that I would have to 'live' with and that no amount of drugs, exercise or healthy eating would effect my daily symptoms.

I went through a raft of investigations and have had cameras placed where no camera should go, I lost my social life and many friends who could not accept that these symptoms where very real and not in my head. I had lost 3 stone, forced myself to eat meals and was spending a lot of my time in front of doctors and specialists who could give me no explanation or relief and all my energy was spent chasing a cure and working...my life was over.

I then found your website and in a fit of desperation put an order in to try another "promised cure". I noticed a difference within days, the constant discomfort was going and there where even times when I didnt notice it at all. This was no Placebo, I had tried many other cures and spent hundreds of pounds chasing normality. I can now control my symptoms and know that when they come back (and they always do after 6 months or so) that another order will get me back to a level of normality within weeks.

Is this IBS? In my opinion no, I think my case is an imbalance of gut bacteria that the Kefir can control and allow my GI Tract to functional more normally. But this could be argued forever and isnt really important, living for today is much more important. Anyway sorry for the essay, but thank you for giving my life back. I wish you every success with your business and will be a loyal customer for many years to come!

Laura emailed to say... (July 2011)
My Doctor George Mouton who works from the Hale Clinic is recommending you to all his patients he is a gut specialist and says Kefir will give me the best gut ever!

Deana told us... (July 2011)

My 6 year old daughter has suffered from thrush and discomfort since she was tiny. We tried creams, acidopholus, live natural yoghurt and leaving well alone but nothing seemed to help. Within a few days of drinking a bottle of the fruity kefir a day, she has stopped scratching and her skin is no longer red or inflamed. If we run out of kefir, the itching starts up again, so I am convinced the kefir is the reason for the improvement. When I was breatfeeding I suffered from ductal thrush which was agony. The natural kefir helped me to fight this off too. I recommend your product to anyone who is looking to deal with thrush of any kind. It is such a relief to have a happier daughter.

Nigel emailed us to say (April 2011):

Similarly to you I did a lot of research and tried many different things before finding Kefir. The results have been remarkable, after years of feeling bloated and heavy, I was getting quite worried about my health.

Within a few days of starting drinking kefir I knew I had found what I needed. I feel so much more healthy and comfortable within myself, my bloating has stopped and I even feel light inside, something I only remember as a child.

I also realised what I thought was weight gain or water retention was actually just digestive bloating.

I am a health professional (acupuncturist and cranio-sacral therapist) and in all seriousness I believe kefir could be the solution to many, many peoples problems. It should be delivered with the milkman! the world would be a different place.

Natasha drank Nourish Kefir to help get over a tummy bug, she told us (Apr 2011)

I did as you suggested last week and drank gallons of kefir to flush out the bug. When I saw you I was feeling a tiny bit queasy. As soon as I got in the car I drank half a bottle and by the time I got home the nausea had gone! I finshed the bottle and drank another 2 on Sat and Sun but I was already back to normal on Sat eve! Brilliant.

Olia told us (Feb 2011)

I am glad this fantastic healthy drink can now be found all across the UK too. Kind regards, Olia

Russian`s in London! (Jan 2011)

We heard from Katrina a Russian lady living in London who recently discovered Nourish Kefir and mentioned it on her blog - here`s the link to see what she wrote : http://www.gastronomicalme.com/2011/01/24/kefir-russians-on-the-trendi/

Mr Thacker, from London ... (Sept 2010)
It is not possible to thank you enough for the excellent kefir product you are supplying to the public.
I discovered your "nourish Kefir, the miracle milk drink" approximately two months ago [I always select the natural flavour]. It was quite by chance: I had only learnt of it through my various readings of internet websites, and because roughly a year ago, my father was diagnosed with IBS and other gasto-intestinal issues. My mother too has suffered for a while with a delicate stomach and now so too does my brother. Weak digestion?
When I spotted your kefir a local and famous healthstore in London, I was quite excited and tried it for lunch. It is cool, refreshing, immediately effective and very addictive! I daresay it seems to inspire what I can only describe as... an internal smile. I feel peaceful after drinking it, and, although I do not drink it every day, am convinced I will never stop drinking it.
Thank you once again for supplying us with this product.

Jon, from Reading told us...(July 2010)
I have now tried one of the flavoured versions as well, fantastic, keep up the great work!

Janet, in the USA ordered some kefir for her family here in Devon. She said... (July 2010)
Thank you so much for supplying this healthy option to people in England.

Heather emailed to say... (July 2010)
"I am a regular customer and have found that the milk kefir really helps my ME"

Guy told us...(Apr 2010)
I'm normally very sceptical when it comes to health food drinks but I tried Kefir over the weekend for the first time and I must admit I was absolutely amazed. It was delicious - and not syrupy and sweet like some other live drinks. And you know what, I felt an extra bit of zing after I drank it. I'm arranging for a regular supply! Thank you so much.

Jo emailed us to say...(Mar 2010)
Thank you for your wonderful kephir. I am so glad that you are using organic milk now. Do you have another batch ready for delivery soon please?

Charlotte said..(March 2010).
I recommended your kefir to a few people including my friend Paul who said that as soon as he drank your kefir it settled his stomach immmeditely as he was suffering.

Alex told us ...(Feb 2010)
Hi, I was born in Poland where Kefir was synonymous with butter, bread and tea. It was always in our fridge and my mum used to make her own which we'd have cold plain or with crushed strawberries. In the season when new baby potatoes arrived we used to dip them in Kefir. These are my very early childhood recollection. We left Poland when I was a child and Kefir, amongst other things, made onto the list of the nostalgic memories of our distant life. So, I am absolutely THRILLED to see that I can now buy KEFIR in London in my local health shop. I love the taste and I know it's good for you as well. I can't (really can't!!!!) believe I am going to leave a testimonial on a corporate website about ...KEFIR.... Here we go. Well done.

Paula (Jan 2010) said...
We are enjoying your kefir, my husband and eldest daughter like to drink it straight. My son and myself enjoy it as a smoothie base with raspberries and a splash of orange juice and I also like it with my porridge. Thank you very much, we'll be in touch with our next order soon!

Wendy from Warrington told us... Nov 09
Just thought I'd let you know what a great product you have in Kefir. I have had IBS for nearly 16 years. Have had it officially diagnosed after cameras, scans and various other tests but no constructive advice. Over the years I have spent enough on IBS products both from the doctor and off the shelf to give me enough bonus points from a well known high street chemist to get christmas sorted for the whole family. Just a few weeks ago I discovered Nourish Kefir, thanks to my other half, and since then have had no symptoms to speak of of the dreaded IBS. No bloating, no discomfort and my bed fellow the hot water bottle has been banished to the bathroom cupbard! I must admit I add honey to drink it so am currently trying all different honey's to flavour the drink.
Thank you very much - I feel 'normal' again after all this time. I feel I dont have to run my life by how my tum is going to be behaving anymore. Thanks again.

Matthew tried kefir for the first time in September 09...
Recieved the order this morning, thanks. Really quite pleasant stuff!

Maxim wrote to us... (Sept 09)
Hi, I am from Russia, living in the city of Krasnodar not too far from a Black Sea. I have occasionally found your website and was lovely amazed to know that British people have such a great opportunity to drink this really-good-for-your-health milk drink. I never knew and never could find Kefir in the UK, when I was there first because I thought that British people do not know what Kefir is, and second because most retailers simply do not sell kefir. Here in Russia one can buy kefir in every (please note that In Every) supermarket, store or retailer. Kefir is usually standing near milk. Kefir is really good! Do not hesitate and do not delay with drinking kefir!
Next time when I am in the UK, I will taste your kefir and tell you about my experience of drinking kefir made in UK.
Good luck to everyone and be healthy!

Roy Harris (Isle of Wight) (Aug 09)
Hi, I tried your kefir and it is wonderful. I have been averse to drinking milk for years. But I could not stop myself finishing the whole first bottle I tried! However, please please please make it with organic milk.

Kath told us... (Aug 09)
Order received this afternoon, its the first time I have tried kefir, and it tastes great.
I have been ill with ME for a long time, with major digestive problems. This year there has been new research and a test developed by a doctor in belgium, which I have had, and proved positive, h2s test, which shows a high percentage of ME sufferers have bad bacteria in the digestive system. It was a report from a british gp on this test who recommends kefir and lots of it to help, so that is how I came to find you.
Thankyou for the excellent service and hope to deal with you again, regards Kath

Brian's news
I had a review with my GP regarding my rheumatoid arthritis and he was surprised to learn that for the past year I have been getting away with just a very low dose of a medicine which is given to ordinary arthritis sufferers (I haven't taken Methotrexate for 18 months)
I couldn't understand why they prescribe methotrexate and other such drugs to actually suppress the immune system?!! My "take on it" was surely if the immune system is broken, doesn't it need help to boost it back up?
So this is what I have been doing, basically the opposite to the western method. I know it is still there because I have recently had a mild "flare-up" (first in 12 mths) however, compared to over a year ago I was hobbling around like a very old man and getting worse by the day! now I am bouncing around with my grandchildren, playing football - I simply feel so good and healthy. Of course I tried to tell my GP the list of healthy foods I am taking in order to boost my immune system and he simply said "whatever it is you are doing - keep on doing it"
So yes we (my Mother-in-law and I) she is 85! are certainly hooked on your new UK Kefir - It really is fresher creamier and better than ever before. And you just know it is doing you so much good. I am still working on the rest of the family...........

Colleen in the US told us...
We don't have Nourish Kefir in the United States, but I drink kefir regularly, and it seems to help every physical problem you can think of. Don't forget your pets. My cat begs for kefir, and I feed him 2 teaspoons a day. His fur is beautiful, no hair balls, and no cat box problems.

Gemma said (Apr 09)
I love your plain Kefir and I just tried the strawberry flavour, it is fantastic! It is also great to see that you are not using any added sugar that I usually find on flavoured yoghurts etc.

Kostas said... (March 09)
The kefir is great. Very good quality. I'll be waiting for the delivery.

Amanda said...(Jan 09)
I have been drinking your product for about 6 mths and it has really helped my digestion.
I have no diagnosed condition but I had stomach pain for around ten years. The problems started after having three lots of anti-biotics for a root canal infection in a short period of time. I cut out wheat and reduced my sugar intake and sort of managed my symptoms but I still needed to use an oral anti fungal treatment every 4 mths or so - which I didn't like doing. I wanted to prevent the problem. I was also eating live yog,yakult and garlic (but still having some symptoms) then I came across Nourish which I have everyday and my stomach pain has gone.
So thanks for you excellent product and I will look forward to trying the new varieties.

Nicolette said... (Oct 08)
Just wanted to say that the Kefir has arrived safely (and brilliantly packed!) and arrived nice and chilled, ready to drink.
My colleagues and I are all sitting round enjoying it now! Many thanks, NS

Gabor emailed to say...
I had Kefir to drink in the morning and evening whilst growing up in Hungary. I am still in love with the stuff and now that I have happened upon this product I would perhaps contemplate trying to take it intravenously 24/7!

Brian told us (Aug 08)
I can't believe how healthy I feel since taking it!
I must admit though, it is definitely an acquired taste but I persevered with determination and I have actually grown to like the taste in a very short time, even though I found that adding it to any type of fruit juice also tastes truly delicious making it very simple to drink.

Peter Langsam, Fresh Food Buyer, Planet Organic says:
Nourish Kefir is one of the best selling chilled drinks at Planet Organic. Its health properties seem to be well recognised by our customers.

Chelsea Football Club
It's great to know that some of the players of Chelsea FC are drinking Nourish Kefir! Deliveries are sent to the training ground, and it has been confirmed that Nourish Kefir is enjoyed by some of the team.

Sue commented...
i am really enjoying the Kefir, the change is very subtle and slow, but my stomach is much more comfortable that it was, I have also lost the irritation on my back, and around my nose that used to drive me mad, and I think, oh yes that has been fine since I have been having the Kefir, i love it, and will be ordering some more soon!

Helen's story
I had always enjoyed reasonably good health. However, in my early 30s I had begun to notice that I was having bad reactions to certain food types such as dairy products that made me feel sluggish and puffy-eyed and as my symptoms increased over time, I realised that I was developing IBS.

When I was first introduced to Nourish Kefir I was a bit sceptical. Having avoided dairy products for so long, I was nervous about drinking something milky. I was expecting to be puffy-eyed and feeling sluggish the next morning, but that just didn't happen, so I decided to drink Kefir for a couple of weeks to see if I would notice any changes to my health. Within a few days, I noticed a very significant improvement in my IBS symptoms; tummy cramps and frequent going to the loo. I felt normal again for the first time in years, it was such a relief.

Boris told us...
"Thank you so much for the kefir delivered yesterday. Last night I slept a full eight hours as a result, something that in my condition would not happen otherwise."

Nanice's story
Nanice wanted to try Nourish Kefir because her grandmother came from the Caucasus - the original home of kefir. Nanice comments:
"Thank you so much for sending me the kefir drink. It is truly amazing and it really works. Since I have been drinking the miracle kefir my tummy has deflated considerably and all ache has gone from my colon."

Celebrity Chef - Raymond Blanc sampled Nourish Kefir for an article in the Evening Stardard - he commented:
"It's good, clean old-fashioned milk - tart, slightly lemony and delicious and I like to think I'm nurturing my gut."

Nutritionist - Dr John Briffa also sampled Nourish Kefir for the same review article in the Evening Standard - he commented:
"Fermented milk breaks down certain components making it more digestible. This will do more good than popular live culture drinks, which can have so much sugar added that they encourage yeast organisms and bad bacteria."

New mum Helen told us...
At 35 weeks pregnant I found out that I was a high risk carrier of the Group B Strep bacteria which can be very dangerous for newborn babies. Women with a high risk of passing on Group B Strep are given intravenous penicillin throughout labour to minimizes the risk of infection to the baby. However, receiving high doses of antibiotics at birth could also leave my baby more susceptible to infections later on, and the healthy bacteria in the mother's digestive system may be compromised.
After much research I was relieved to come across Nourish Kefir. Drinking it regularly has given me confidence that I am doing something positive, which may reduce the amount of the Group B Strep bacteria in my body. I also believe that drinking kefir will help to repopulate my gut with good bacteria, counteracting the big doses of penicillin I will be receiving during labour, will will transfer to my baby during birth and breastfeeding. Helen gave birth to a healthy baby boy, in December 07 !

Angela, from Richmond said...
"This kefir is not only delicious but also settled my lactose intolerant stomach - great!"

Pete from Falmouth, Cornwall said...
"You are in my thoughts as I really believe what you are doing is important for the good of the people. I wish for more success in being able to communicate. Partly in a state of shock to find you are producing just what has been my main topic since 2003.... Kefir. Well done ! "

Judy McGeough said...
"I found it a tasty and refreshing drink and it had an almost immediate soothing effect on my sore gut. It's a great combination of healthy, natural and enjoyable. I wish you every success with the product."

Kryssia said...
"I have tried the kefir many years ago in Spain. I use to have it natural and make it myself. It is great that now we can buy it already made, I will like to be able to get it locally because I know that it is very healthy."

Donna Silverman said...
"A friend made me a smoothie with your Kefir and now I am hooked! I buy Kefir and add a banana, some barley powder and organic frozen blueberries, strawberries and use a Braun immersion blender for a healthy smoothie. Thanks for a great product which makes people healthier and happier!"

Violet King said...
"Amazing stuff!! I have it in the morning with a little honey and I don't want to eat at lunch time. Maybe a good weight losing tool!Kefir slimming club!!

Food poisoning!
I just recently had a nasty bout of food poisoning - when I finally stopped being sick, I started to drink some kefir - just sips at first, for my first day of recovery. It tasted so soothing to my throat and stomach that had been in so much pain. I really feel it helped me to recover from the food poisoning and get back to normal again.

Jo emailed to say...
I have been very impressed with your product and am amazed at how much it has helped with my many stomach/digestion problems.

Marta told us...
Kefir is my favourite milk drink of all - Thanks for the great idea of bringing kefir to UK!