What is Nourish Kefir?

Nourish Kefir is a fermented milk drink – made from fresh, whole organic, pasteurised cows milk and real kefir grains. Following a centuries old traditional recipe that transforms milk into a superfood or “miracle” milk, as we call it! As far as we know Nourish Kefir is the only traditionally produced kefir drink sold in the UK made from the living kefir grains.

Nourish Kefir can be enjoyed by the young and old and everyone in-between! It is suitable for vegetarians and people with diabetes.

Nourish Kefir is a unique, living food, containing live enzymes, yeasts and many strains of living bacteria. Kefir is rich in antioxidants, antibodies and metabolites and essential vitamins and minerals. The transformation of milk into kefir makes it superior to regular whole milk, because it is much easier for the body to digest and absorb its rich nutrient contents.

We make fresh batches three times a week, following a traditional recipe from the Caucasus Mountains. We grow our own kefir grains and nurture them carefully to bring you the very best kefir. Regularly drinking Nourish Kefir will convince you of its positive effects.

Made with Organic Cow’s MilkME145

Our milk comes from a farm in Bedford, not too far from our London dairy. Apart from the genuine benefits of chemical-free food, using organic milk is also very good for the environment and natural habitat of wildlife that live in the fields and pastures.

Organic Certified…

Nourish Kefir natural drinks are organic certified by the Organic Food Federation. We use organic British cows milk, and our kefir grains are organically grown by us. Our new labels show the European Certification symbol of the green leaf…

Nourish means to sustain with food

Kefir is a Turkish word meaning ‘good life’ or ‘long life’

Nourish Kefir is the drink for a long healthy life!