What does kefir taste like?

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Everyone has different taste buds, but...

Nourish kefir has a distinctive taste, it is slightly sour, deliciously creamy and refreshing! It's similar to greek yoghurt - or creme fraiche in a drink!
Nourish Kefir is not sweet tasting, there is no sugar in it.

The taste of kefir quickly grows on you and becomes rather moreish!

Before you open your bottle give it a good shake.  A slight effervescence or fizz when opening a bottle is completely normal and in the taste is a typical feature of traditional kefir.  That's why kefir is often referred to as the 'champagne' of yoghurt drinks!  The 'fizz' is caused by the naturally occurring yeasts in kefir that produce CO2!

If you have a sweet tooth our delicious fruit kefir smoothies will delight your taste buds.

Or you can blend fresh or frozen fruit and honey with natural kefir to make your own fruit smoothies! See recipe page for some ideas.

On another note, we noticed that regularly drinking natural kefir helps to reduce cravings for sugary foods!

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