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The Goodness of Kefir Q&A

Wanted to share an email that we answered yesterday…

David emailed us with his dilemma saying: “I have been buying your kefir for a while now and I’ve now tried making my own with your starter kits and it’s working out well.
My question is: I kinda still find it hard to drink.  So I’ve started making smoothies with the kefir with mixed frozen fruits, and it’s really nice to drink, but does it take away any of the goodness of kefir?  I am suffering with ibs and want all the goodness? Any advice would be really appreciated.”

Here’s how we replied: “So, here are my thoughts about the effectiveness of kefir when blended – such as with fruits etc. I think it is totally fine and still fully effective.
I would try to keep some natural kefir to drink –  perhaps a small glass before bed!

But blended kefir will obviously taste great – and should assist your digestion of the other ingredients.  For example – kefir and chia seeds is a great combo to get the good bacteria, fibre and omega 3 from the seeds – and is great to make with a still warm fresh batch of kefir made with our starter cultures.

And kefir mixed with frozen fruits will still be good too – so yes, go for it. You are not diminishing the effectiveness of the kefir .”

I hope this is helpful to anyone who doesn’t really enjoy the natural kefir taste… but wants to know they are still getting the benefits when they blend it with fruits.  xx
Here’s a link to more information about Nourish Kefir Starter Cultures