Nourish Kefir Chia Tubs


Nourish Kefir and Chia Tubs are sold in two’s.  Adding 1 to basket will give you 2 tubs

Store in the fridge (nice and cold) and consume on day of opening.
You will need a spoon!

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Nourish Kefir and Chia Seed Tubs are a filling and nutritious food

 … great for breakfast or a snack

We’ve blended freshly made kefir with raw organic chia seeds to create what we think is a healthy breakfast or snack.

Traditional kefir, rich in billions of naturally occurring live bacteria, with the rich source of Omega 3 oils and fibre from the flax seed is a powerful combination.

According to the Budwig Protocol, consuming omega 3 with a protein food (e.g. kefir) makes it easier for the body to assimilate and utilise the benefits of these oils.

We have first hand experience of the effects of kefir, and think that combining it with chia seeds creates a wonderful natural food , that is filling, low calorie and free from added sugar or preservatives!

Johanna Budwig won a Nobel Prize for the discovery of Omega 3 and it’s effects for the entire body, but in particular the bowel and the brain!

Individual tub price £2.40, sold in two’s!




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