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Organic cow’s milk – what’s good about it?

Real Kefir grains to make our drinks

We use fresh organic cow’s milk that is delivered to our premises 4 times a week.
Our milk comes from OMSCO which stands for Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative.
Omsco have the best standards, recognised world wide as UK organic cow’s milk is now being exported overseas!
For us making our authentic kefir drinks, OMSCO guarantee that the cow’s milk we use will be:

100% organic
Free Range
FREE FROM Antibiotics
From cow’s fed a natural grass-based diet
Grazed on pastures – Free from artificial pesticides
From farms with high standards of animal welfare
From farms that work in harmony with nature for bio-diversity

It ticks all the boxes for us.  But the reasons for using organic milk go further than this…We use this organic milk to grow our beautiful kefir cultures – known as kefir grains, as well as to make our authentic kefir drinks.

Kefir grains just love full fat cow’s milk!  Why?  Because it contains all the nutrients of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in its own natural liquid.  It is (most probably) the perfect medium for growing kefir grains.

We have been growing kefir grains in milk since Deborah first got hold of some in 2006.
Much of the scientific research into the health benefits of real kefir (going back over 40-50 years) refers to cow’s milk based kefir.

We never add sugar – the milk is enough.
We never add thickeners – the kefir grains create the thickness in the milk as they ferment it.
We never add preservatives – the kefir grains preserve the milk through fermentation!
Nourish Kefir is pure and authentic from 100% organic cow’s milk