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Organic cow’s milk – what’s good about it?

We use fresh organic cow’s milk that is delivered to our premises 4 times a week.  Our milk comes from OMSCO which stands for Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative.
They guarantee that the milk we use will be:
Free Range
FREE FROM Antibiotics
From cow’s fed a natural grass-based diet
Grazed on pastures – Free from artificial pesticides
From farms with high standards of animal welfare
From farms that work in harmony with nature for bio-diversity

We use this organic milk to grow our beautiful kefir cultures – known as kefir grains, as well as to make our authentic kefir drinks.  Nourish Kefir is made from kefir cultures fermented in milk – that’s all!  No thickeners, preservatives or additives are used.  We keep it pure and we keep it real, because that’s what we believe is the best kefir and that’s what we want you to have!