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Kefir On the BBC World Service

BBC World Service interview Deborah

Nourish Kefir on the BBC World Service
Last Thursday was an exciting day for us here at Nourish Kefir.  We were delighted to welcome visitors; Radio presenter Manuela Saragosa and producer Clare Williamson from the BBC World Service radio.

The Food Chain

With listeners from around the globe, programme The Food Chain investigates all the current trends, interests and quirks related to food consumption, production and uses.
Clare and Manuela visited Nourish Kefir to learn more about kefir cultures and to discuss the possible connection between the gut and the brain.  As the UK producers using actual live grains we were able to impart our expertise about real kefir.

Gut Feelings

I shared my own very personal experiences about going from ill health (I suffered for more than 10 years with IBS and crohn’s disease) to well again –  directly as a result of drinking kefir!  It is quite an extraordinary journey.  Some people find it difficult to believe that such a simple thing as kefir –  a fermented milk drink could cure my symptoms of crohn’s disease and IBS.  But it’s true – it did.  I was transformed with my healing, it changed my life.  If you have ever suffered with bowel problems, for a prolonged time as I did, you too would be grateful for the relief that kefir can bring.

The programme is of course an edited version of everything we talked about.  It is a fascinating episode with contributors from Cork University, Ireland and McMaster University, Canada who discuss our gut micro-biome and predict a rise in the use of foods with live bacteria being more widely used to treat mood as a wholistic part of gut function – which all makes sense to me…  You can listen to the full interview about the gut brain connection here
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