Liz Earle – Podcast with Nourish Kefir

In March 2016 Deborah attended an International Women’s Day event at 10 Downing Street where she had the pleasure to meet Liz Earle, the co-founder of the award winning skin care products and author of many books and magazines on lifestyle, health and well being including Liz’s most recent publication ‘The Good Gut Guide’.

Liz Earle is a fan of kefir and invited Deborah to join her in a podcast to discuss the importance of the gut micro-biome and how kefir can help improve it and your overall health in many ways.

Liz told Deborah that she likes to use the Nourish Kefir Starter Cultures to do her own fermentation at home for all the family. The podcast is available on the Liz Earle website, or

Listen to the podcast here

Liz also appears regularly on This Morning and Nourish Kefir were requested to send some of our lovely kefir grains for Liz’s demonstration about how to make kefir from scratch. We were happy to oblige and think it’s really great that more people are including kefir in their diets.