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Kefir deliveries… an update from us

Nourish Organic Kefirs

Kefir deliveries… and update from us

As mentioned before we are still producing kefir this week – unless we are instructed to close.
Staff are working at increased distance and wear masks and gloves and washing their hands frequently.
We have received many orders since last week and I need to ask you to bear with us.
Not only are we under pressure to keep up, which we will try to do – but the courier firm has informed us that unfortunately they cannot guarantee any deliveries at this time!

So, we will dispatch when we can and we will inform you about delivery of your order as soon as we can.
If the courier network fails we may be forced to stop sending drinks by this method and we will see if we can implement something else?

So far we can still post starter cultures. As long as you can source milk these are a good option, value for money and keep kefir on tap!

Like you, we don’t know any more than this. My team are amazing and doing their best to carry on. We will update if we have any further news.
Stay safe, Deborah x