Benefits from drinking kefir

Our knowledge and expertise in kefir has been acquired from training, practise, application and study of scientific papers that span 30+ years.  Our kefir production knowdeldge, like other artisan skills, was passed on from kefir and dairy experts in Slovenia.  Our driving force has been Deborah's personal experiences from consuming kefir and her passion for making kefir since April 2006.

Deborah with a flask of kefir grains in milk

According to the EU regulations we are not allowed to tell you about the benefits from drinking kefir.  But don't let that put you off.  Kefir is mentioned in newspapers almost everyday  or on health related website explaining what's good about it.

If you need evidence that kefir works, Our story of how we came to be will give you that.  Deborah our MD had been ill for most of her 20's and 30's.  Firstly she developed IBS symptoms at the young age of 26.  In those days she had several investigative tests that all came back that nothing was wrong.  Her symptoms got worse and eventually she was daignosed with crohn's disease which is a long term chronic illness of the intestinal tract from mouth to anus.  Deborah was diagnosed with medication which exacerbated her symptoms so she started on an alternative health journey to get well... she tried almost everything, with varying degrees of success she 'got by' for about 10 years of ill health. - Then in April 2006, she stumbled across kefir - completely by chance and not even knowing that it would change her life. But it did change her life. Firstly by improving her health and secondly because she had the big idea to start selling kefir in the UK!

In 2009, Deborah then went a step further and decided to become a kefir producer and make it herself...  This has taken years of effort, struggle and sacrifice - why bother? Because she really believes in it! Someone described this as a 'labour of love', a vocation...

In 2015 the BBC approached Deborah to buy some Nourish Kefir for an experiment for the groundbreaking programme Trust me I'm a Doctor.  The Nourish bottles were sent to the producer - one months supply of a 250ml bottle a day for 10 volunteers.  The results were impressive and launched kefir to the UK public.  Since then many companies are selling kefir - but buyer beware - the best effects on gut health come from real kefir made from kefir grains - and that is why we go on about it so much.  If anything at our small dairy we have become kefir micro-biologists as we are growing, fermenting and looking after kefir grains 6 days a week.


Please know that a lot of love and good intentions goes in to making each batch of our real authentic kefir for you.  We would truly love to be shouting from the roof tops how good it is and the benefits that we know you will feel from drinking it - but we are not allowed. However we can provide our customer testimonials and tell you about the research that we are collaborating on as kefir takes it's rightful place as a natural healing agent.

So dear friends... you will have to judge it for yourself. Our testimonials page will show you what others say. We love kefir, we are dedicated and passionate about what we do and we are dedicated to making the best quality kefir for you to enjoy.

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