Channel 4 Superfoods

When the producers of Channel 4's Superfoods series contacted us in 2014 we were very excited to take part. They were investigating many different types of foods and the claims associated with them for the beneficial properties, and then conducting their own analysis to see if the claims were valid. For Deborah her personal testimony of recovery from the painful symptoms of Crohn's disease through drinking kefir was proof enough that this special yoghurt could be considered a superfood.

The producers were very interested to know about how kefir had helped Deborah recover from the symptoms of Crohn's to be in remission without the need for further medication. That episode showed a video of what an intestines affected with crohn's looks like! Having suffered with symptoms of IBS and then Crohn's for 10 years Deborah was keen to tell the story that this natural product could really make a difference to other people suffering with gut problems as it had done for her.

TV crew Food Unwrapped

The show presenter Kate Quilton took part in tests of her gut mircro-biome and Nourish Kefir. Samples were sent to UK.

laboratories where the kefir was tested in a simulation gut to see if it would survive the conditions of a stomach to reach the intestines still viable. The scientist revealed that at least 40% of the bacteria from the kefir had survived the stomach acid to reach the intestinal tract where it can get to work. As producers of kefir made from live kefir grains we are very excited with that result.

TV crew
Food Unwrapped pays a visit to our dairy