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Organic September, organic real Kefir

It’s Organic September and Nourish Kefir- the authentic organic kefir is being sampled at wonderful organic, natural and health food stores around London.
So what’s good about organic cow’s milk kefir?
Lots of things…
The cow’s have a good life, for the most part they graze in open pastures – essentially they are ‘free range’.
The grass, so lush and vibrant has been watered by natural rainfall, rich in micro nutrients such as minerals.
Also – there is no artificial, chemical fertilisers or pesticides sprayed on the pastures, which is good for us and good for the natural bio-diversity of the countryside – living in harmony with nature!
The cow’s are well looked after, they are not pushed to produce a greater yield and they are not routinely given antibiotics

Nourish Kefir is organic certified by the Organic Food Federation, you can find out more about them here.

Our delicious, fresh whole organic cow’s milk comes from OMSCO, you can find out more about them here.

And because you want the best for you and your family, Nourish Kefir is made from actual live organic kefir grains giving you the authentic taste and benefits of real kefir!  Order Nourish Kefir here for home or work delivery here

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Award Winning Kefir Drink

Award Winning Kefir Drink

We were celebrating today to learn that Nourish Kefir was voted Best Food & Drink by the readers of Natural Lifestyle Magazine!

We are very grateful to win this award and want to thank all the readers of Natural Lifestyle who voted for us!

We are passionate about making real kefir drinks at our dairy here in South London.  And what makes us really happy is to know that our drinks are benefitting people!

Since 2007 we have been fermenting fresh grains on a daily basis for each batch of our traditional, organic kefir. It takes as long as 6 days to produce a batch of Nourish kefir.  We believe that kefir made from grains is the absolute best for you – which is why we do it!

Natural Lifestyle magazine is a free publication, available from independent health food shops.  Our kefir drinks are sold in many of these shops and you can find your nearest stockist here

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us – we are thrilled to have an award winning kefir drink xx

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Glitches on the website…

We seem to have a few glitches on the website.

We are updating a few pages and apologise that the ordering system is not working properly!
But we are still here making fresh kefir for you – so you can still order from us for next day delivery to your door.
Please call us if you would like to place an order for drinks or starter cultures please contact us on the numbers below:
Mobile 07472 777 934
or Tel: 0208 916 2149

Or leave a message through our contact us and we will call you back – thanks for your patience!

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Happy Halloween…

Happy Halloween

If you get a fright!
In the middle of the night!…
You’ll be alright – when you drink something white!

Happy Halloween from Nourish Ke-fear!

I know we are cringing also – so bad 😉

Order fresh kefir from us for delivery to your home or work address – or send some to a friend – nothing spooky about that!

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Home Delivery of Nourish Kefir

Able and Cole Van

Home delivery of Nourish Kefir can now be provided by several companies.   Giving you increased options to suit your lifestyle and requirements.

The leading organic grocer Abel & Cole provides home delivery of Nourish Kefir drinks to most parts of the UK.
To find out if they can deliver to you just check out their FAQ  page you will see a drop down box – Do you deliver in my area?  Put your postcode in the search box to confirm if delivery is possible and on which day.
You can also find out more from Abel & Cole customer services on 03452 626262

Amazon Grocery is also offering almost our full range of drinks (including our fruit smoothies) and our starter cultures– to make your own kefir in 1 litre batches.

And of course we can dispatch fresh stock to you from our dairy in South Croydon to most addresses in the UK using our overnight courier service – visit our shop here

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Delivery of your kefir order

Kefir grains and milk

Delivery of your kefir order following the BBC news feed about the Kefir trial we are inundated with orders!
We and are working as fast as we can to complete them.
Please bear with us as we are not able to fulfill all deliveries on the requested day, but we are fermenting more kefir grains to make more lovely kefir!
We will contact you asap to confirm delivery.

Trust me I’m a Doctor is on BBC2 tonight at 8pm.

Other suppliers can deliver direct including Abel & Cole and Amazon Pantry.  Also check out our stockist list to find your closest store.
Nourish Kefir drinks are sold in independent health and whole food stores around the UK and Ireland

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BBC2 shows results of a kefir trial

Trust Me I'm a Doctor tested Nourish Kefir

BBC2 shows results of a kefir trial…

We will be watching tomorrow evening at 8pm on BBC 2, when the respected TV series Trust Me I’m a Doctor will be revealing the results of a recent study.  They conducted a trial investigating whether we can actually change our gut micro-flora by eating foods containing gut friendly bacteria?

Nourish Kefir was supplied for the kefir trial in 2016, and it will be very exciting for us to see the results from the shows scientific tests and the overall feedback about our organic kefir drinks that are made with real kefir grains!

Here’s the news feed from the BBC

What happened in the trial?
We supplied 280 bottles of our natural organic cow’s milk kefir to the address of one of the producers.  They transported the drinks up to Scotland where 10 volunteers agreed to drink Nourish Kefir for one month.  They drank one 250ml bottle each day.  Their gut bacteria was tested before and after they started drinking the kefir.
The episode is really fascinating to watch as our drinks were compared to the one a day-shots and inulin.  In the BBC2 results of the kefir trial, ours came out as being the only product that transferred good bacteria to the guts of the trial participants!

The BBC do not endorse brands – so unfortunately they didn’t say it was our brand of drinks! shame!
There is some confusion about kefir where it looks like all kefir drinks are the same.   But they are not.  Only Nourish Kefir brand is fermenting real kefir grains in organic cow’s milk.
Kefir grains are a complex living micro-organism (like a little pet) that require constant looking after to keep them alive and healthy.  We have our own dairy in South London – we’ve been located here since 2012, where we make our own kefir drinks from start to finish.  You can buy from us online,

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Christmas Deliveries of your favourite kefir

Delivery boxes
Christmas Deliveries of your favourite kefir – make sure you stock up!

Dear Friends, can you believe it is December already?  Where has the year gone?  Time is definitely flying by faster than ever it seems!

Regarding your kefir deliveries this month we are taking orders up to Wednesday 21 December for the last delivery on 22nd.

Orders we receive after this date will be sent from Tuesday 2nd January 2017 onwards.
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The Healthy Food and Drink Awards – please vote for us

Womens fitness vote

Healthy Food and drink awards – please vote for us!

Dear Friends of Nourish Kefir, we have entered The Healthy Food & Drink Awards 2017, organised by Women’s Fitness magazine.

We truly believe that Nourish Kefir is a healthy drink.  Not only is it organic, sugar free, nutritious with fats, proteins, carbs, vitamins and minerals, but it is also bursting with billions of live gut friendly bacteria!
What more could you want?
Well you want to know that it is the authentic – best quality British kefir – and we promise you that it is always made from freshly fermented kefir grains – which we believe makes it a health drink!

If you have a few minutes to spare please click here to vote.

Thank you xx




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Summer holidays

I Love Nourish Kefir

Hope you  are all enjoying the warmer weather, and for many a chance to get some time off and relax!
Here at Nourish Kefir we are also away for a short break and unable to send home delivery orders from Wednesday 3rd August.

We will be back on Friday 12th to organise all deliveries for the following Monday and on…

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience or delay this will cause you!  We can still send orders on Monday and Tuesday next week 1st and 2nd Aug.
Please check our stockist list to find a shop selling Nourish Kefir near you.