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International Women’s Day at Downing Street

Invite to Downing Street on International Women's Day

International Women’s Day on 8th March 2016 was an exciting day for me as I had been invited to a reception at No 10 Downing Street.
Inside the room was buzzing with women from all over the UK, most hoping to get an opportunity to talk to the then Prime Minister David Cameron –  we only just managed a nod hello!
I was expecting the event to be full of business women, but it was quite different.  There were scientists, teachers, nurses, carers, women who started support groups dealing with trauma – slavery, bereavement and other really tough issues. As well as women championing breakfast clubs for children and families with great hardship unable to afford breakfast.

To be celebrating International Women’s day at Downing Street with these wonderful, inspirational women leading extraordinary lives; committed to the greater good was an honour.  It was a bit of a thrill for me (got my photo) and I felt very fortunate to have been invited in the first place.

Having a business is hard work.  But being able to choose to make kefir with life kefir grains (which I believe to be the best quality) is my way of having a business that provides goodness to our customers…

On another level though, we are not just a business, we are our own micro community of people working together, and reaching a larger community of people we hope will benefit from drinking Nourish Kefir.

International Women’s Day

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15% off Goats Kefir in March

Get 15% off goats kefir in March..

Order today to get next day delivery to your home or office

We have been growing kefir grains in goat’s milk for over a year now.  We developed what we think is a light, refreshing and slightly tangy goats kefir that will delight people who cannot digest cow’s milk – or they just prefer the taste of goats milk!

From the feedback we have had so far – if you like goats cheese – you will love our goats kefir 🙂

We think it hits the spot and hope you will love it too!  We made a very short video about it
Let us know what you think of it too…

Available in two sizes: 250ml and 500ml
The voucher code to use at the checkout is NEWKEFIR to ensure you get your 15% off goats kefir in March

Sadly it is not made with organic goats milk… If we could source it in the UK we would use it to ferment our grains.  We talked to the leading goats milk producers in the UK.  They told us an interesting fact about goats – that apparently they like to be in-doors!  Organic certification standards require goats to be outdoors for a certain number of days a year… that it seems our beautify British goats do not seem to want to do!

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Nourish Kefir – Highly Commended Best Food & Drink

Nourish Kefir is Highly Commended as Best Food & Drink by Health Food Business Magazine.

We are delighted to be recognised in these Health Food Sector awards.  Independent Health Food Stores do a great job of supplying a diverse range of wonderful organic and natural foods and supplements so beneficial to maintaining our good health and nutrition.

In Health Food Business magazine’s annual awards they asked retailers to vote for their favourite products across several categories.  Nourish Kefir drinks entered and were Highly Commended in the Best Food and Drink category, which is a great accolade to achieve among many fine health food products!

We sell our range of authentic drinks and kefir starter cultures almost exclusively through this retail sector in the UK and Ireland – see our stockist list for shops  as well as some online retailers, so you will not find us in supermarkets.  We feel it is important support the independent health food sector (many of whom are small businesses just like us) and shop local when we can!

We are passionate about fermenting real kefir grains and are dedicated to making authentic, traditional kefir here in our dairy in South London.

Although Kefir is essentially a fermented milk drink, real kefir (what we produce) is more complicated in terms of explaining why it is different to supermarket kefir.  Why it’s more complicated is all to do with the kefir grains – which are a complex micro-organism comprising of different types of good bacteria and yeast!  Unless you are really into kefir it can be a bit mind boggling!  But as far as taste goes….for everyone who’s tried Nourish Kefir and loves it, and comes back for more; they can taste the difference and feel the difference to their gut health!

Regarding Health Food sector awards, and other awards in general… actually we don’t enter many – maybe we should?  What do you think – let us know?


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New Nourish Kefir Products for 2019

Nourish Kefir new products for 2019…

Have you seen our Nourish Goats Milk Kefir – yes we’ve been growing a selection of our precious kefir grains in goats milk for the past year.  And experimenting with our fermentation techniques to get it right… and the result – well you tell us what you think?
Goats milk kefir does taste different to cow’s milk kefir.  For a start it’s much runnier, and it’s an ever so slightly savoury taste.  The more we tried it the more we loved it – and we hope you do too!

Also – we’re launching the most amazingly yummy Organic Madagascan Vanilla Kefir!  What’s amazing is that it’s free from added sugar (or sweeteners) and tastes absolutely delicious!  Yes that’s right, it’s not sweet – it’s creamy and fresh and we know you will love it!

And – we’ve launched a smaller size Nourish Kefir Starter Cultures pack – it’s the “give it a go size”.  Ideal for having a go at making your own delicious kefir at home, with different types of milk and all the tummy loving bacteria, at a lower price!

Where can you find this delicious new offering?  At your fabulous Independent Health, Organic and Fine Food Stores across the UK and Ireland.  You can also buy them all here for home delivery!

Our promise to you – all our products are made by us, from scratch, with real kefir grains.  They are authentic kefirs.
Why do we do this? Because all the science behind the health benefits is related to kefir made from kefir grains.


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Delicious Magazine Awards – Finalist

Delicious Magazine Awards of 2018 listed Nourish Kefir as a finalist in the prestigious produce awards.

We don’t enter lots of awards!  We’d like to think we are always doing our best by fermenting real kefir grains – producing what we believe is the most authentic, delicious kefir!
Customers who come back for more are our most important judges.  So too are the people who reach out to us, sharing their experiences about how drinking Nourish Kefir has made a positive impact on their gut health.  That is by far the best award!

Having said that, to be a finalist by the esteemed judges of Delicious Magazine is an achievement.  And we are thrilled to be recognised at a national level, as a small artisan kefir producer from South Croydon!

What the judges said: ” both your passion for your product and the provenance was clearly evident ”
Delicious Magazine winners 2018

Do you think we should enter more awards? – Tell us what you think…
Nourish Kefir testimonials and customer reviews

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Organic cow’s milk – what’s good about it?

Real Kefir grains to make our drinks

We use fresh organic cow’s milk that is delivered to our premises 4 times a week.
Our milk comes from OMSCO which stands for Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative.
Omsco have the best standards, recognised world wide as UK organic cow’s milk is now being exported overseas!
For us making our authentic kefir drinks, OMSCO guarantee that the cow’s milk we use will be:

100% organic
Free Range
FREE FROM Antibiotics
From cow’s fed a natural grass-based diet
Grazed on pastures – Free from artificial pesticides
From farms with high standards of animal welfare
From farms that work in harmony with nature for bio-diversity

It ticks all the boxes for us.  But the reasons for using organic milk go further than this…We use this organic milk to grow our beautiful kefir cultures – known as kefir grains, as well as to make our authentic kefir drinks.

Kefir grains just love full fat cow’s milk!  Why?  Because it contains all the nutrients of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in its own natural liquid.  It is (most probably) the perfect medium for growing kefir grains.

We have been growing kefir grains in milk since Deborah first got hold of some in 2006.
Much of the scientific research into the health benefits of real kefir (going back over 40-50 years) refers to cow’s milk based kefir.

We never add sugar – the milk is enough.
We never add thickeners – the kefir grains create the thickness in the milk as they ferment it.
We never add preservatives – the kefir grains preserve the milk through fermentation!
Nourish Kefir is pure and authentic from 100% organic cow’s milk

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2019 – New Year Happy Tummy!

Happy New Year Everyone!

We were delighted to see our beautiful natural kefir bottle featured in the weekend Telegraph as part of an article on kefir.

It’s so exciting that the UK is embracing the tremendous benefits of adding kefir to our diets.  Whether you buy our authentic kefir made from grains, use our starter cultures with your choice of milk, or make it yourself at home with your own live grains, your body will thank you with great gut health!

I’m just back from celebrating my 50th birthday in Las Vegas, what a place!  I looked in the food stores (in between casinos) for kefir – but did not see any, which is surprising as I’m sure it would be a very beneficial drink to have there!  Turning 50 has crept up on me so quickly…  And the past 13 years of my life have been devoted to starting a kefir revolution in the UK after it healed my gut and changed my life for the better!

One week into 2019, how is it going?  Have you made any resolutions?
My resolution is to spread the word about authentic kefir which is only made from live kefir grains, to bring new products to market, and to help people with gut problems to get their gut health back on track…


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Merry Christmas wishes…

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Hope you all have a wonderful week and happy tummies with all the Christmas food indulgence!

Thank you for all your support, kindness and well wishes during this year…
From all of us at Nourish Kefir wishing you the best gut health in 2019 xx

PS- if you need to order some kefir over Christmas or for early delivery in January you can order online here for home delivery!
Or find a stockist near you or you can also order from Abel & Cole

(The image was drawn by Deborah’s niece when she was 11)

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The Goodness of Kefir Q&A

Wanted to share an email that we answered yesterday…

David emailed us with his dilemma saying: “I have been buying your kefir for a while now and I’ve now tried making my own with your starter kits and it’s working out well.
My question is: I kinda still find it hard to drink.  So I’ve started making smoothies with the kefir with mixed frozen fruits, and it’s really nice to drink, but does it take away any of the goodness of kefir?  I am suffering with ibs and want all the goodness? Any advice would be really appreciated.”

Here’s how we replied: “So, here are my thoughts about the effectiveness of kefir when blended – such as with fruits etc. I think it is totally fine and still fully effective.
I would try to keep some natural kefir to drink –  perhaps a small glass before bed!

But blended kefir will obviously taste great – and should assist your digestion of the other ingredients.  For example – kefir and chia seeds is a great combo to get the good bacteria, fibre and omega 3 from the seeds – and is great to make with a still warm fresh batch of kefir made with our starter cultures.

And kefir mixed with frozen fruits will still be good too – so yes, go for it. You are not diminishing the effectiveness of the kefir .”

I hope this is helpful to anyone who doesn’t really enjoy the natural kefir taste… but wants to know they are still getting the benefits when they blend it with fruits.  xx
Here’s a link to more information about Nourish Kefir Starter Cultures

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Making Some Me Time…

Having a relaxing start to the day with my favourite kefir drink and enjoying the latest issue of Liz Earle Wellbeing.

This Winter issue has lots of ideas for the festive season. As well as tips for keeping your gut healthy. We suggest keeping some bottles of Nourish in the fridge or Starter Cultures to make some when you need it!

Liz draws our attention to Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week: 1-7th December.  Having suffered with crohn’s for almost 10 years I know first hand how increased awareness creates more understanding about the  conditions.  I will always be grateful to have discovered the healing benefits of kefir made from grains.  As you probably know it’s the reason why Nourish Kefir came about!

Have a lovely Friday,
Deborah x

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Liz Earle Magazine
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