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BBC2 shows results of a kefir trial

Trust Me I'm a Doctor tested Nourish Kefir

BBC2 shows results of a kefir trial…

We will be watching tomorrow evening at 8pm on BBC 2, when the respected TV series Trust Me I’m a Doctor will be revealing the results of a recent study.  They conducted a trial investigating whether we can actually change our gut micro-flora by eating foods containing gut friendly bacteria?

Nourish Kefir was supplied for the kefir trial in 2016, and it will be very exciting for us to see the results from the shows scientific tests and the overall feedback about our organic kefir drinks that are made with real kefir grains!

Here’s the news feed from the BBC

What happened in the trial?
We supplied 280 bottles of our natural organic cow’s milk kefir to the address of one of the producers.  They transported the drinks up to Scotland where 10 volunteers agreed to drink Nourish Kefir for one month.  They drank one 250ml bottle each day.  Their gut bacteria was tested before and after they started drinking the kefir.
The episode is really fascinating to watch as our drinks were compared to the one a day-shots and inulin.  In the BBC2 results of the kefir trial, ours came out as being the only product that transferred good bacteria to the guts of the trial participants!

The BBC do not endorse brands – so unfortunately they didn’t say it was our brand of drinks! shame!
There is some confusion about kefir where it looks like all kefir drinks are the same.   But they are not.  Only Nourish Kefir brand is fermenting real kefir grains in organic cow’s milk.
Kefir grains are a complex living micro-organism (like a little pet) that require constant looking after to keep them alive and healthy.  We have our own dairy in South London – we’ve been located here since 2012, where we make our own kefir drinks from start to finish.  You can buy from us online,