Traditional Kefir

Traditional Kefir vs. Instant Kefir

Fermentation of foods has been a natural method of preservation for centuries, it is thought that kefir may have been produced for more than 2000 years. However, not all kefir drinks are produced by the traditional fermentation method… Some add a cultures that are similar tasting to those you find in kefir that produce an ‘instant’ often called mild kefir drink.

The difference between the two, is that the healing potential of the traditional kefir drink is superior to that of ‘instant’ kefir. All the scientific research information we have always refer to traditional kefir. We believe that kefir produced in the traditional method offers the greatest nutritional benefit to you, and that’s what you get in Nourish Kefir.

Production of Nourish Kefir takes several days, with our kefir grains requiring on going attention to make sure they are just right.ME148

Did you know: Traditional kefir continues its fermentation while it is cooled and in the packaging. It releases CO2 gas, which slightly expands the packaging. Natural CO2 is good for digestion, so before opening shake the bottle well to mix the CO2 into the drink.

Did you know: The complex structure of kefir grains show its age – proving that it has ancient origins.

One of the earliest scientists to merit the kefir drink was Elie Metchnikoff, a professor at the Pasteur Institute and Nobel Prize winner for medicine. Metchnikoff praised kefir 100 years ago, in his book “The Prolongation of Life” published in 1908!.