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Authentic Caucasus Kefir made from Grains Fermented in London
Made with British Organic Cow's Milk natural and pure

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  • chia_square

    Nourish Kefir Chia Tubs

    Nourish Kefir and Chia Tubs are sold in two's.  Adding 1 to basket will give you 2 tubs Store in the fridge (nice and cold) and consume on day of opening. You will need a spoon!
    £4.80 Read More
  • buy_250ml (1)

    Nourish Kefir 250ml x 8 bottles

    Adding 1 will give you 8 x 250ml bottles. Current stock has a use by date of: 24.05.2016 The cost of each bottle is £1.99 Small bottles are sent by TNT courier.  There is a £7.50 delivery charge from TNT.  We will contact you to confirm delivery - thank you!
    £15.92 Select options
  • buy_cultures (1)

    Nourish Kefir Starter Cultures

    Each pack contains six x 5g sachets of kefir starter cultures. Each sachet makes one litre of delicious kefir for you to enjoy. Easy to prepare and full instructions are included in the packet. USE BY DATE: 30.09.2016 Starter Culture packets are sent by Royal Mail in normal post deliveries.
    £15.95 Add to basket
  • buy_500ml (1)
    5 out of 5

    Nourish Kefir 500ml x 6 bottles

    Adding 1 to basket will give you 6 x 500ml bottles. Our current stock use by date is: 24.05.2016 The cost of one bottle is £2.99. We will contact you to confirm delivery - thank you! Delivery charge is £7.50 for next day courier service
    £17.94 Select options

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