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'The Miracle Milk Drink'  

Nourish Kefir is the authentic kefir milk drink lovingly made twice weekly, at our dedicated dairy since 2009, using fresh organic cows milk and live kefir cultures (known as grains). It is the original real kefir in the UK!

Our kefir is the most delicious drink of pure goodness, its unique taste is slightly sour, creamy and always refreshing!

Nourish Kefir is 100% Organic and sugar-free!

It is bursting with billions of naturally occuring live bacteria - (we don't add them), that develop during the natural fermentation process.  It takes up to five days to make a batch of our traditional kefir, lovingly cultivating our kefir grains with organic milk... and that's what makes Nourish Kefir so special!


A Natural live cultured drink
Each 500ml bottles contains more than 20 billion live bacteria.
Lab tests identified some of the live bacteria species in our traditional kefir drink. They include:
Lactobacillus paracasei
Lactobacillus brevis
Lactococcus lactis
Saccharomyces cerevisiae

We love these results because the live bacteria in Nourish Kefir
evolve naturally during fermentation. 

We never add sugar to keep our kefir cultures alive! 

Nourish Kefir Starter Cultures 

Want to make your own kefir at home?... try our starter cultures 
Each pack contains six sachets and each of these makes one litre of kefir with your choice of milk.  It's easy to make and does not require any special equipment or skill.

What is Kefir?   
We have researched scientific papers, interviewed scientists, and learned so much ourselves in the years we have been making kefir! We've included information about kefir throughout our website that we hope you will find useful.  Also, here's an editorial  feature from Natural Health magazine. It's a nice introduction to this wonderful drink.

Where to buy kefir  
Our fresh Nourish Kefir drinks can be found in many fine food and independent health food shops. Most stockists are in London, but Nourish Kefir is gradually becoming available around the UK and some Health Food shops in Ireland.  See our stockist page for map and shop details. We suggest you phone the shop in advance to see if they have some kefir in stock.  If you can't find a shop near you, let us know and we will help find one that will make a special for you. You can also buy kefir here 

Nourish Kefir delivered to your door... 
We offer a next day courier delivery service to most parts of the UK for our natural kefir in 250ml and 500ml sizes.  We send our kefir starter culture packs by normal royal mail post. If you would like to order some, please register with us, then login and place your order for delivery from Tuesday to Friday by courier.    

Like us on Facebook 
Our facebook page contains soundbites we like to share, usually about kefir health and nutrition. Help us create a kefir community - please join us and 'like ' Nourish Kefir on facebook!

Frequently Asked Questions...  
Do you have questions about kefir, making kefir, drinking kefir, looking after kefir - you may find the answer on our FAQ page.  Email us your questions and we will post the answers and share the info with everyone.

We love kefir and are totally passionate about it!  If you have any comments, or you would like to share your experiences... please contact us


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